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Brexiteer agent makes ferocious attack on Labour

An agent claims that if Labour wins the next General Election there will be what he calls “misguided meddling” across the rental sector.

Trevor Abrahmsohn of Glentree International has already spoken out numerous times in favour of Brexit and the free market, and is no stranger to political commentary.

In his latest blog he writes of the prospect of a Labour government with a strong majority, facilitated in part by the decline in the fortunes of the Scottish National Party without the leadership of Nicola Sturgeon.


Abrahmsohn writes: “There’ll have to be another English Revolution if [Labour] get their grubby paws on the Rent Act. Misguided meddling under the guise of ‘compassion’ and ‘fairness’ could result in a resurgence of sitting tenants claiming all manner of ‘rights’ to avoid paying rent. 

“Although the idiot brigade will point and smirk, landlords will just bail out of the market quicker than you can say Section 8 Eviction Order. The magic money tree will shrivel and rents will go through the proverbial. 

“Who does this affect most? That’s right – the disenfranchised and genuinely vulnerable, whom the strident lefties purport to represent.”

The housing market generally would suffer under Labour, he claims, as the party would “unleash the green-eyed politics of envy” with the middle and upper classes “biffed with yet more personal taxation, higher Capital Gains Tax, VAT on school fees and a repeal of the non-Dom tax status in the UK”. 

Abrahmsohn has little time for the Labour leadership, too, although he is also critical of some aspects of recent Conservative policy.

“Although [Sir Kier Starmer] may love to get rid of Angela Rayner, her shrieking presence there, as a beacon of Jeremy Corbyn’s legacy, is clear for all to see. Since the Left are inherently collectivist, it would only take nanoseconds for the comrades-in-arms to spread her extreme left-wing dogma around like so much dog-excrement confetti” he writes.

And he concludes: “Part of the blame for this ridiculous situation is with the Conservative Party, for following a self-destructive path of big government, Blairite social democracy. Even so, a Labour Party with a big majority would be disastrous for this country.”

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    I like his thinking.

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    Basically the conservatives have gone from a far right government (thatcher) to a hard left one, Sunak.And these are the results. Obviously a lot of conservatives won't vote for this. So election turnout is going to be very poor.


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