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Tory wants clampdown on HMOs run by “dubious people”

A veteran Conservative is calling on his government to clamp down on HMOs and ensure there is better council regulation and enforcement of standards. 

Peter Golds is a Tory councillor in Tower Hamlets. He has served as a London councillor for 25 years and is  a former Treasurer of the Conservative Councillors’ Association and he remains active within the Local Government Association.

In a lengthy article on the Conservative Home website he is critical of the policies and enforcement regime in Tower Hamlets, which is Labour controlled, but he makes broader points about HMOs.


He writes: “So-called HMOs are an attempted solution to the nation’s housing crisis. In many locations, particularly in inner cities, they are an opportunity for dubious people to make a great deal of money out of human need.

“In 2017 I was approached by two young men living on bunk beds in a tiny room in an overcrowded flat. This room was then realising over £750 per month for the owner and that was before the other spaces in the flat were considered.

“Elsewhere on the Isle of Dogs we have one family who appear to own around 100 properties many of which have been converted to HMOs and have dramatically changed parts of the ward.

“The effect has been to achieve an extended student facility by stealth, in a small square, to the detriment of neighbours in the adjoining streets. Residents have noted that the gardens of once individual properties have been combined and believe that this development should be considered commercial as opposed to single properties.”

Golds continues: “Rogue landlords that make money on misery need to be rooted out. Under Article 4 of the 2021 directions, any person seeking an HMO licence will need to seek planning permission for this purpose.

“An Article 4 Direction allows local authorities to remove permitted development in some circumstances and must be accompanied by a plan that clearly shows the area that is subject to the direction, and the extent of the area needs to be based upon evidence.

“Elsewhere councils are aiming to manage HMOs better by improving residents’ standard of living and maintaining mixed communities.”

Golds says such Article 4 directions regarding HMOs should no longer be discretionary for councils, but instead mandatory.

“Furthermore there must be far tighter rules on the inspection of HMOs. Councils receive substantial sums from landlords which are ultimately paid for by renters, but it is unclear what they get in return” he concludes.

You can read the whole piece here.

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    Isn't that area controlled by a religious political clique. ? However the problem is massive immigration which is creating an insatiable demand. We will end up with people living in one room as in Hong Kong !


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