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Public want more tax on Airbnbs and higher private rental standards

A mortgage lender has conducted a survey of homeowners which has produced a string of anti-landlord and anti-overseas investor attitudes.

Market Financial Solutions commissioned a survey of 1,323 UK adults who own a residential property in the UK. They were given a list of questions by the company.

It found that 71 per cent of homeowners are in favour of raising the minimum quality standards for rental properties, making it the best supported potential policy reform. Introducing controls or higher taxes on holiday-lets or second homes in tourist hotspots came in second on 67 per cent.


In third place is scrapping inheritance tax for properties passed on after someone’s death - 63 per cent.

Elsewhere the research reveals that 48 per cent believe ‘mandatory’ targets should be re-introduced, while 58 per cent support reforming the planning system to make development more straightforward. 

On the topic of stamp duty land tax, 65 per cent want non-UK residents to pay more, but 60 per cent say SDLT should be removed on properties that have been derelict for more than a year and 23 per cent would back plans to make SDLT payable by the seller, not the buyer. 

MFS chief executive Paresh Raja says: “In recent weeks, we have seen political parties begin to posture on housing policy. Battle lines are now being drawn ahead of next year’s general election, and already there is a sense both parties will put forward some more radical policies to solving the housing crisis. Our research provides timely insight into how they can win the hearts and minds of homeowners.

“Clearly, housebuilding and taxation are key areas that homeowners would like the government to focus on for reform, so these will likely be critical topics of discussion on which Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer will try to win votes in the coming weeks and months. No doubt homeowners, homebuyers and lenders will watch on keenly as policies concerning the property market evolve and the build-up to the election intensifies.”  


Here is the full list of responses:

  1. Raising the minimum quality standards for rental properties (71% said they are ‘in favour’)
  2. Introducing controls (or higher taxes) on holiday-lets or second homes in tourist hotspots (67%)
  3. Higher stamp duty taxes to be paid by non-UK residents (65%)
  4. Scrapping inheritance tax for properties passed on after someone’s death (63%)
  5. Removing stamp duty for the purchase of any property that has been derelict for 12 months or longer (60%)
  6. Higher stamp duty taxes to be paid by landlords / those buying second homes (59%)
  7. Reforming the planning system to make housing development more straightforward (58%)
  8. Introducing another stamp duty holiday for the next 12 months to help the property market amidst the cost-of-living crisis (49%)
  9. Re-introducing mandatory house building targets (48%)
  10. Scrapping the current stamp duty land tax in favour of annual taxes based on the value of land people own (34%)
  11. Making stamp duty payable by the seller, not the buyer (23%)
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    • G W
    • 07 July 2023 07:38 AM

    Interesting that all the questions received a negative a negative response unless it effected them like ‘scrapping inheritance tax’….. we are moving more and more away from a work hard aspiration society into a handout one

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    GE it's called a dependency culture. Thats why people are so desperate to come here.


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