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Built To Rent wins lavish praise from property management report

A property management firm claims that energy efficiency is apparently renters’ most important quality when choosing a place to live. 

Centrick says over 83 per cent of renters in its study regard energy efficiency first followed by garden space and then socialising areas.

Fourth and fifth are parking and pets.


Centrick’s research focuses on just six cities – London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield and Southampton - and these are all where the operator claims Build To Rent “is increasing rapidly in popularity with a wide demographic of residents opting to rent instead of buy. “

Centrick founder James Ackrill says: “In recent years, the residential real estate landscape has witnessed the transformative trend known as Build to Rent housing. This innovative approach to housing investment, construction and management has swiftly emerged as a dynamic and relevant force in the housing market. 

“Our objective is to dig into real world trends from real renters and explore the path forward for both those who seek to invest in BTR developments and those who aspire to call them home. 

“This study is driven by the recognition that BTR is more than a mere housing solution; it is a concept that, when well-executed, can redefine the way we relate to the places we live. It carries the potential to create not just spaces, but communities where people feel a genuine connection to their surroundings, fostering a sense of belonging and happiness in their daily lives.”

The study also asked which amenities and features residents would be willing to pay a higher rent for. 

Parking, garden space, energy efficiency,  fitness facilities and EV charging are the top five.

The report also claims that 75 per cent of BTR residents believe their property to represent good value - but apparently only 53 per cent of non-BTR tenants feel the same way.

Centrick has over 23,500 properties across the UK on its books.

  • Kristjan Byfield

    Classic case of what people say is most important in a survey Vs real life. I can count on one hand the people who have asked or studied EPC ratings for a property in the last decade before deciding whether to proceed.


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