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Mike Jones
Company Director
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Hampshire based.

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12 years in this industry. 25 years running other businesses.

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Mike Jones
First of all, well done Andrew on 26 successful lettings this way. I hope that they all go well for you. My concern has always been that by letting a property solely in this manner, as a letting agent, you miss one of maybe 3 important opportunities to vet your applicants. Whilst I understand that you'll only have a few minutes with an applicant at the viewing, you at least get some impression of your applicants appearance and attitude. We use this, together with emails and telephone calls to make some sort of a judgement as to whether or not someone is going to make a good tenant. After all, as agents, we have to work with them for the duration of the tenancy and the check-out process. And, I believe that we have a duty to our landlords to ensure that we provide the best tenants we can. Another important issue is the tenant's likely reaction to the property in the flesh. For this reason also, we insist that all prospective tenants view the property. Imagine the hassle if the tenant who didn't view it doesn't like it and refuses to move in. This would be a hell of a mess to unpick. I understand the need to innovate, especially during these Covid times, but in all honesty, if you are abandoning tried and tested methods of tenant selection, then I believe you are using tech for the sake of it. There is much good tech out there, and this sort of thing makes an initial appraisal by an applicant easier, but in my opinion, it is not some sort of silver bullet. I'd dearly love my competitors to adopt this and abandon physical viewings. It might take some time, but I believe that their standards will inevitably fall over time. That said, I wish you well and hope that you're able to prove me wrong.

From: Mike Jones 26 February 2021 00:07 AM

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