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Anemarie Nolan

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Anemarie Nolan

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Anemarie Nolan
For many years. I have been stung by the lack of legal support when it comes to protection for my property and income. I worked hard and decided not to be a burden on society and invested in rental properties so, in my retirement years, I would have a pension income I could live on. I don't have a Government job, nor a local authority job where my work pension is safeguarded by the employer/taxpayer. In, fact private pensions were lost by many a result of the Labour Gov's Chancellor's interference. Don't get me wrong I have excellent tenants, it is only the one or two rogues who give a bad reputation to the majority. But we as LL provide accommodation to those who would prefer to rent rather than buy, when renting one pay's rent, as LL we pay a mortgage, if tenants don't pay they cannot be asked to leave, they get 6 months notice, at the LL expense. The problem with that arrangement is the tenant leaves after 6 months and the money the tenant owes is in majority of cases never retrieved as it cost more in time and money to achieve payment. The rogue tenants go on to do it again to another LL. On the other hand the LL because of non-payment from rogue tenants falls into mortgage arrears, and the mortgage lender shows no such mercy ie write the interest of and there is nowhere for the LL to hide, it is paying up and look happy, which in many cases means selling up. The plan to have a half-decent pension has been taken away. I think the harder I work the less help I get. I should stop working sell up enjoy myself for as long as the funds last and then go on benefits. I have had the experience of renting a 4-bed to lady with 3 children who got divorced, did not work and was living completely on benefits and was a great tenant, who had more disposable income than I who was working 60 hours a week. Can someone explain the fairness of this? It is possibly a long time ago since Baroness Kennedy found herself struggling to make ends meet, we need politicians who understand that while their job is to govern the country, it needs to be done fairly, reward those who are trying to better themselves and not be a burden to society, rather than making it easier for those who seem to believe they are owed a living. Perhaps Baroness Kennedy and her contemporaries should speak to the man/woman in the street who are trying to contribute. Perhaps the restrictions on evictions should only apply to those who are in government rentals. I wonder how our do-gooders would feel if they had a property abused by a bad tenant and left them with a bill of thousands of £s, I suspect they would feel as aggrieved as any of us LLs who have found ourselves in that particularly stressful situation.

From: Anemarie Nolan 18 August 2020 10:01 AM

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