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Interest Rates to stay high despite this week’s good inflation news

Interest rates are expected to stay high despite good inflation news likely to be announced this week. The Office for Budget Responsibility...

15 April 2024

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Improving market doesn’t solve underlying problems - Propertymark

Promising figures from the latest house price index doesn’t mean underlying problems in the market have been solved, warns Propertymark. UK house...

04 April 2024

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Crunch Week ahead for interest rates and inflation

Latest inflation figures are announced on Wednesday and the Bank of England makes its next base rate decision on Thursday. The Office...

15 March 2024

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HMRC rakes in hundreds of millions more in property-related tax

HM Treasury raked in £6.3 billion in inheritance tax receipts in the 10 months from April 2023 to January 2024 according...

23 February 2024

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Renters’ resilience dropping - analyst’s warning

Renters are less financially resilient than recent remortgagers according to an analysis by business consultants Hargreaves Lansdown. It says over two thirds...

21 February 2024

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Buy To Let lending for older landlords falls off a cliff

New figures from lenders trade body UK Finance show a massive fall in buy to let loans for those aged 55...

20 February 2024

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Huge rise in property tax for HMRC ahead of possible Budget change

Figures released by HMRC show that the Treasury raked in £5.7 billion in inheritance tax receipts in the nine months from...

24 January 2024

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Short lets tax change this week just the first of many in 2024

Airbnb and other short let platforms are from this week required to send data on their clients’ earnings to HMRC. And a...

03 January 2024

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This week’s inflation news may determine a New Year interest rate cut

All eyes are on HM Treasury this week ahead of the next inflation figures, to be released on Wednesday morning. Analysts suggest...

18 December 2023

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Controversial ex-Countrywide boss appointed to new post

Almost six years after her departure as chief executive of Countrywide, Alison Platt has been appointed to a new senior position. She...

30 November 2023

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Bad news on interest rates despite this week’s big fall in inflation

Inflation figures for the year to October are out this week and are expected to have fallen to 4.8 per cent. That’s...

13 November 2023

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Interest Rate optimism fuelled by surprise improvement in inflation

There’s growing optimism that tomorrow’s Bank of England monetary policy committee meeting will see base rate held for another month -...

01 November 2023

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Many want to go self-employed - but do the figures add up?

At a time when the agency industry is being wooed by new self employed business models, a new survey suggests most...

04 October 2023

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More tenants struggling to pay rent - government figures

More people are struggling to pay their rent according to a new government survey. The study, by the Office for National Statistics,...

12 September 2023

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Investor confidence rising ahead of tomorrow’s inflation figures

A respected measure of investor confidence says it’s on the rise as a result of growing optimism over UK inflation figures...

15 August 2023

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Another interest rate rise likely - but might it be the last for now?

Most economic and housing analysts believe another base rate rise is on the cards for next month - but the sharp...

20 July 2023

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High rents push more first timers into buying - claim

The property market could be emerging from the downturn, Zoopla says.  Annual house price growth remains just 3.0 per cent according to...

04 May 2023

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Interest rates to soar further - new warning from leading body

One of the most respected financial organisations says markets are now betting that the Bank of England base rate will hit...

27 April 2023

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Analyst gives bleak warning about housing market

A prominent business analyst has given a bleak warning about the prospects for property investors and other home owners in 2023. Sarah...

06 April 2023

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Shock inflation figure means rate rise today likely - analysts

The Bank of England’s monetary policy committee meets today to decide on its base interest rate amidst shock at the latest...

23 March 2023

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Agents’ hopes rise for a soft landing for sales

“Optimism has survived another difficult month” says business consultancy Hargreaves Lansdown in response to the latest house price index.  Indeed, the industry...

08 March 2023

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Tenants renting longer and paying more - new survey’s findings

Over the last decade, the proportion of people aged 24 to 64 living in their own home has fallen and the...

19 December 2022

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Interest Rate Rise - more bad news expected

The Bank of England’s monetary policy committee meets again this week with a further interest rate rise likely if base rate...

12 December 2022

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House price fall is “first sight of mini-Budget carnage” - claim

A financial expert says the latest house price index, showing the biggest monthly fall for over two years, is the “first...

02 December 2022

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Warning that renters will have poorer retirement than owner occupiers

There’s a warning that renters are likely to endure a less affluent retirement than owner occupiers.  Business consultancy Hargreaves Lansdown says 16.3...

07 October 2022

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Interest Rate Rises and Tax Cuts - a crunch week ahead

This is a crunch week for the UK economy - and likely the housing market too - with a meeting of...

20 September 2022

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Millions of tenants expect to rent all their lives - claim

A new survey by business consultancy Hargreaves Lansdown suggests that out of the 20 per cent of households who now rent...

11 July 2022

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Renters to suffer badly in cost of living crisis, warns analyst

Renters are amongst the three groups likely to suffer worst as the cost of living crisis unfolds, an analyst has warned.  Sarah...

01 April 2022

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Warning over Capital Gains Tax on buy to let sales

A business consultancy is warning that buy to let sellers in the current market are likely to be squeezed - and...

15 March 2022

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Rental sector to face higher bills because of Russia-Ukraine crisis

Agents, landlords and tenants alike face the prospect of higher bills because of the Russia-Ukraine crisis. In terms of energy costs, an...

24 February 2022

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