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Agents fear for future of Private Rental Sector - RICS

The latest lettings market snapshot by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors contains a raft of worried statements from agents. A large...

11 July 2024

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Labour has a mandate to help renters become buyers - PropTech claim

The incoming Labour government has a social mandate to support the next generation of homeowners in the UK, says financial PropTech...

05 July 2024

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Election result already priced-in to housing market, says top analyst

The result of the election isn’t likely to be a gamechanger for the housing market, a prominent business consultancy says.  An analysis...

02 July 2024

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RICS rings alarm bells over state of lettings market

The latest residential market survey from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors is raising a red flag over what it calls...

13 June 2024

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Prioritise First Time Buyers - demand grows for next government to take action

Four fifths of developers believe that the next government needs to do more to support first time buyers, according to the...

30 May 2024

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Looking Up! Foxtons internal data shows rental sentiment improving

Internal data from Foxtons, London’s largest lettings agent, indicates sentiment may be improving across the capital as data shows a 12%...

24 May 2024

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Tenant Turnover - landlord sales and not evictions are chief cause

Some 50% of tenants who moved last year did so because their landlords decided to sell the property.  By contrast, eviction was...

16 May 2024

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RICS: Landlord instructions in short supply as market slows

The latest RICS UK Residential Survey results suggests that tenant demand continues to lose momentum.  Alongside this, landlord instructions remain in short...

09 May 2024

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Expansion for well known London lettings and sales brand

London lettings agency Kinleigh Folkard & Hayward is expanding with the opening of a new branch in the centre of Camberwell. Anthony...

09 May 2024

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Improving market doesn’t solve underlying problems - Propertymark

Promising figures from the latest house price index doesn’t mean underlying problems in the market have been solved, warns Propertymark. UK house...

04 April 2024

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Get On With It! - agents say Bank should cut rates now

Propertymark is telling the Bank of England that now is the perfect time to cut base rate and trigger wider interest...

21 March 2024

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House Prices see small monthly gains - new index shows stronger market

Another index has suggested a small monthly increase in house prices in England and Wales - even though the annual rate...

13 February 2024

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Build To Rent cheerleaders complain about slow planning consents

The British Property Federation claims the time required for Build To Rent planning applications has significantly increased over the past decade...

07 February 2024

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Prime lettings market now near normal says Knight Frank

There were 3.7 new prospective tenants for every rental property listed in prime London postcodes last month says Knight Frank. The figure,...

14 December 2023

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How investing in a CRM is the best way to NTS compliance

I think we can all agree that the National Trading Standards Material Information reforms are a good thing for the property...

06 December 2023

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Latest RICS survey shows start of lettings market shift

The latest RICS lettings market survey shows another increase in rental demand - but that demand appears to be slowing. The institution’s...

09 November 2023

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Top agency insists rental sector negativity is exaggerated

Leaders Romans Group claims the pessimistic mood which many say surrounds the private rental sector is exaggerated. It has surveyed its landlord...

31 October 2023

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Agency claims landlords not quitting rental sector in droves

A lettings agency - Leaders Romans Group - claims that landlords are not quitting the private rental sector in droves after...

19 October 2023

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Public optimistic about housing market despite feeling worse off

UK consumers feel worse off than a year ago, but remain relatively optimistic about the property . That’s the conclusion of a...

13 October 2023

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Cash investors snap up prime London flats from fleeing landlords

Prime London markets are proving more resilient to rising interest rates than their mainstream equivalents, says Savills. Prices in prime central London...

06 October 2023

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RICS survey predicts yet more rent rises

The latest lettings market snapshot from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors shows that a significant majority of members expect yet...

14 September 2023

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Fears grow around Renters Reform Bill - new report

A new report on the state of the lettings industry suggests figures are growing fearful of the impact of the Renters...

12 September 2023

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Shock at size of fall in landlord instructions

The results of the latest RICS UK Residential Survey, out today, point to a renewed worry about the housing market. The survey...

13 July 2023

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Another industry survey launched by PropTech supplier

PropTech firm Goodlord and its Vouch brand are again holding a so-called State of the Lettings Industry survey.   It’s now in...

13 July 2023

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Show Green! Tenants want agents to display eco-credentials

Tenants want letting agents, landlords and other property industry figures to more openly demonstrate their green credentials. That’s the message from a...

07 July 2023

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Lawyer hits out at court delays and growing anti-rental sentiment

A seasoned property lawyer who has specialised in residential landlord and tenant law for 22 years says she is embarrassed at...

16 June 2023

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Large scale investors in optimistic mood despite volatile economy

Large portfolio professional landlords are in a confident mood, with the majority planning to acquire at least one new asset in...

25 May 2023

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Renters Reform Bill - just a delay or a major rethink?

The government has back-tracked on its decision to publish the long-awaited Renters Reform Bill this week. The Mirror newspaper reports that “procedural issues”...

10 May 2023

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Many renters want government help for first time buyers

New research from The Mortgage Lender reveals that 44 per cent of renters would like more cost-of-living support from the government. Specifically...

14 April 2023

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Agents react to Bank of England interest rate decision

The Bank of England has raised base rate by 0.25 per cent to 4.25 per cent - the highest level since...

24 March 2023

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Sean Hooker - Head of Redress for the Property Redress Scheme

Introduce yourself A: My name is Sean Hooker. I have worked for the HFIS group for sixteen years, originally helping set...

23 March 2023

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Investment hotspots for holiday home buyers revealed by survey

Cheshire has topped a new ranking of the best places in the UK to invest in a holiday let, according to...

21 March 2023

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Buy To Let sentiment downbeat for many landlords

A new sentiment survey suggests that only a minority of landlords are now feeling positive about the future of buy to...

14 March 2023

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Agents’ hopes rise for a soft landing for sales

“Optimism has survived another difficult month” says business consultancy Hargreaves Lansdown in response to the latest house price index.  Indeed, the industry...

08 March 2023

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Demand falling at last as rental market stabilises - new RICS data

Tenant demand in the past month has been the lowest since February 2021 and suggests that the pace of demand growth...

19 January 2023

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Guess what tenants worry about most?

A new survey by PropTech firm Goodlord has the unsurprising conclusion that the biggest worry for tenants is that their rent...

16 January 2023

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Rock Bottom! Housing market sentiment nears all-time low, say lenders

The Building Societies Association says housing market sentiment remains close to the all-time low. In a sentiment survey some 47 per cent...

29 December 2022

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Agents angry at Gove scrapping meaningful housing targets

Agents have expressed their anger at the government effectively scrapping any meaningful house building targets. Housing Secretary Michael Gove scrapped the mandatory...

12 December 2022

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Lettings market continues to fly, says latest RICS survey

The headlines surrounding today’s new RICS market snapshot will concentrate on dramatic house price falls but the drop off in the...

08 December 2022

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Lettings save the bacon for agency group facing challenging market

Lettings income for LSL Property Services increased two per cent in the past year - at just the time the company...

28 November 2022

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Revolutionary PropTech launch - supplier claims “phenomenal” feedback

A PropTech supplier claims to be shaking up the lettings market with the launch of its revolutionary Property Management software this...

16 November 2022

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Sunak in No 10 - Sigh of relief from agents and industry

There seems to be an industry-wide sigh of relief that Rishi Sunak has become Prime Minister. His coronation marks the end of...

25 October 2022

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Too Dear! London tenants say housing in the capital is unaffordable

More than a quarter of renters responding to a survey say they are considering leaving the city within the next 12...

20 October 2022

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Agents welcome Hunt tax change - but who knows what’s coming?

Propertymark’s chief executive Nathan Emerson has welcomed the dramatic government U-turn on taxes - but most importantly has retained the stamp...

18 October 2022

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Mini-Budget leads to house prices falls in 2023 and maybe 2024 - claim

The Knight Frank lettings and estate agency is warning that it expects house prices to fall in 2023. Tom Bill, its head...

03 October 2022

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Supply of homes to rent stays static for three straight months

The rental sector remains strong according to the latest market survey by Propertymark. The number of new tenants registered on average per...

29 September 2022

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Market strong but losing a little momentum, says RICS

The latest sentiment survey from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors suggests that the market is strong - but off its...

17 August 2022

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White Paper fall-out - private rental sector set to contract

It looks as if the private rental sector will contract as a result of the threat of new regulations contained in...

04 July 2022

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High number of landlords claim agents charge too much

More than four in 10 landlords claim their letting agents charge too much - and one in six has been hit...

06 June 2022

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Up! Up! Up! - Rental market strong and getting stronger, says RICS

The latest sentiment survey amongst members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors suggests that the rental market is strong -...

13 May 2022

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Rent to rise this year and the long term - latest market info

The latest market sentiment survey of the lettings market from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors suggests that rent rises will...

19 April 2022

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Michael Gove slammed by agents over cladding comments

The criticism by landlords aimed at Housing Secretary Michael Gove for some of his comments regarding the cladding issue, has now...

25 February 2022

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Rents to increase “firmly” over the next 12 months says RICS

The latest market snapshot from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors suggests that rents are to increase “firmly” in the near...

09 December 2021

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Lettings guru to discuss future for agents and rentals sector

Leading industry figure Peter Knight is to discuss the future of the rental sector and the role of agents in a...

27 October 2021

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Build To Rent giant sets out blueprint for solving Britain’s housing crisis

New research published by Build To Rent operator L&G reveals what it believes to be a crisis surrounding rental properties, affordable...

21 October 2021

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New RICS forecast of rising tenant demand and higher rent

Tenant demand continues to rise and is now way beyond the long term average according to the latest market snapshot by...

15 October 2021

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Arrears slashed during pandemic, shows major industry report

One of the industry’s leading surveys comes out next week - and a preview suggests it’s going to show increasing optimism...

10 September 2021

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Revealed: What landlords are thinking, saying and planning right now

The value of the Private Rented Sector in England, Wales and Scotland grew by 5.8 per cent to a jaw dropping...

25 August 2021

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What’s Your Reputation?

I want you to ask yourself a question, what is your reputation? By that I mean your personal reputation and your...

15 July 2021

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Renting is terrible? Not at all: for many it’s the preferred tenure…

The narrative from some activists and pressure groups is that private renting is some kind of ordeal endured by those who...

29 June 2021

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Most tenants using virtual viewings sign up without ‘real’ visit

Data from a property consultancy suggests that two thirds of renters who use virtual viewings sign tenancies without actually visiting their chosen...

24 May 2021

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Anti-agent campaigners brand eviction ban extension ‘inadequate’

Acorn, a prominent campaign group targeting letting agency offices for protests, says the latest eviction ban extension doesn't go far enough. While...

11 March 2021

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Short lets will be first rental sector to recover post-pandemic - claim

Airbnb and other short let operators will be the first part of the rental sector to recover once the pandemic eases, it’s...

17 February 2021

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Rental demand moderating just as landlord instructions fall

The latest Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors study suggests tenant demand has increased over the past quarter but at a slowing...

12 February 2021

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Rental growth ‘slightly positive’ for 2021 say surveyors

Rental growth expectations remain “slightly positive” across most of the UK according to the latest Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors market...

22 December 2020

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Agents can do more to speed up transactions by adopting technology

Recent debate about urgent need for reform and better collaboration within the property industry, has once again come under the spotlight...

04 December 2020

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Another ‘virtual office’ for agency chain not using High St branches

An agency chain has opened its second so-called ‘virtual office’ in two weeks - and again it doesn’t involve any bricks...

11 August 2020

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Market activity well-above-average claims sentiment tracker

A complex ‘sentiment tracker’ suggests demand is still strong in the lettings market. PropTech supplier Yomdel publishes a weekly tracker index; it...

25 June 2020

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 London lettings: over 80% of enquiries to agency want more space

Independent London agency chain Dexters says it’s seen a 200 per cent jump in enquiries from this time last year, and...

01 June 2020

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Video to remain a key part of viewing - claim

A new survey of tenants’ sentiment suggests that 54 per cent of renters feel confident to view a property with appropriate...

26 May 2020

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25% drop in new tenancies in prime London and SE - forecast

Knight Frank is predicting that the number of tenancies agreed in the prime markets across London and the Home Counties in...

06 April 2020

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Lettings sector optimism on the rise, despite string of obstacles

Optimism amongst investors in the private rental sector is on the rise, despite the various tax and regulation obstacles facing the...

27 February 2020

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More letting agents want to sell-up, says PropTech report

A survey by PropTech firm Goodlord suggests a growing number of agents want to sell up. Goodlord surveyed 200 agencies for its...

11 February 2020

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Build To Rent giant reveals four new developments for 2020

Grainger, one of the biggest names in Build To Rent in the UK, says its current BTR pipeline stands at 24...

07 February 2020

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Landlord sentiment: things are bad…and getting worse

[Letting Agent Today was ‘off air’ for some of Wednesday and most of Thursday thanks to technical problems - we apologise to...

06 December 2019

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Battered and Bruised: but a few buy to let investors remain optimistic

Many buy to let investors are still badly bruised by the government’s wave of fiscal and regulatory assaults on the private...

30 October 2019

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We're Happy! Vast majority of tenants perfectly content to rent

Contrary to the impressions given in some quarters, no fewer than 75 per cent of tenants are happy to rent, and...

23 October 2019

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Tory says government “war on landlords” will make housing crisis worse

An outspoken Conservative party figure says government policies such as the scrapping of Section 21 will play into the hands of...

30 July 2019

From: Breaking News

Lettings trade body congratulates Johnson on election success

The lettings establishment has sent its congratulations to Boris Johnson on his election as Tory leader and, from this afternoon, Prime...

24 July 2019

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Top agent blasts government for going to war on buy to let

A senior London lettings agent has accused the government of “going to war” on buy to let investors. The director of Benham...

02 July 2019

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Increasing number of large-scale landlords as buy to let amateurs quit

A new survey by one of the sector’s most respected lenders, Paragon, suggests large scale landlords are now a bigger force...

27 June 2019

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Ban these short let adverts! - trade body and Labour unite in plea

The Mayor of London is under pressure to pull advertisements calling on landlords to stop providing homes for Londoners and move...

23 May 2019

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Investment sentiment improving, despite Brexit and rental red tape

A property investment platform claims that investor sentiment in buy to let is actually improving despite ongoing political and economic uncertainty...

30 April 2019

From: Breaking News

Confidence in buy to let sector remains stable despite recent upheavals

Buy to let sector confidence across a range of measures remained stable or increased in the first quarter of 2018 compared...

04 May 2018

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Inventory clerks say it's no surprise lettings complaints are surging

The Association of Independent Inventory Clerks says it is not surprised the majority of complaints made to The Property Redress Scheme...

11 September 2017

From: Breaking News

Confidence ebbing away in private rental sector, says trade body

Buy to let investors are losing confidence in their ability to rely on steady rental yields, according to recent figures from...

08 August 2017

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Agency says enquiries and tenancies up but rents are falling

The number of prospective new tenants in the Home Counties over the first three months of the year has risen 15...

24 April 2017

From: Breaking News

Sector confident despite political and economic uncertainty

So much for Brexit and economic uncertainty disrupting the buy to let market - a new survey out today shows it’s...

26 October 2016

From: Breaking News

More tenants agree to pay above asking rent - except in London

Across the UK as a whole there has been a slight increase in the number of tenants who agree to pay...

12 September 2016

From: Breaking News

Removals industry adapting to cater for tenants instead of buyers

A removals firm has claimed it is currently dealing with more tenants moving between properties than home buyers.  Aussie Man & Van...

24 May 2016

From: Breaking News

Would property investment be damaged by Brexit?

Unique summary: What does a potential exit from the EU mean for the UK's property market. Ever since the recession hit much...

01 March 2016

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Lenders tell government: buy to let reforms may be overkill

The three per cent stamp duty surcharge proposed for purchases of buy to let and holiday homes risks being seen as...

01 February 2016

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Landlords' tax sell-off will reduce London rental supply

Franchise letting agency giant Winkworth is warning that London’s tenants face higher rents as some landlords sell investment properties in the...

13 November 2015

From: Breaking News

Agents say landlords unlikely to raise rents

Landlords anticipate that rent rises will taper off over the next twelve months, according to a sentiment survey conducted by Your...

28 April 2015

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