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The Best Areas To Buy Property In London

15 June 2015 6404 Views
The Best Areas To Buy Property In London

Whether you are single or a family, looking to invest in rental property or want to lay down roots of your own, the capital remains one of the most popular areas in the UK. While London is among the most expensive areas to buy property, it offers access to jobs, schools, and entertainment. It is a highly sought after area with professionals, and there are regions that are extremely popular with families too.

It is important to research the city, in order to find the kind of area that you want to live, otherwise you may be stranded away from the amenities you require and without easy access to the public transport network that runs through the majority of London. Use property search sites like Featherstone Leigh to locate suitable properties before ensuring that they are in a desirable area.

Battersea is one region of the capital that has undergone significant development and improvement. The area was incredibly unpopular during the Victorian era, but investment and redevelopment has seen that picture change significantly.

Situated in South London, Battersea enjoys comparatively inexpensive prices especially when compared to the relatively nearby Chelsea, although luxury apartments and houses are being built that are due to be pitched at wealthy foreign investors. This means that property owners that have already invested could see their portfolio increase dramatically over the coming years, but this also means that it will become increasingly difficult to find affordable homes unless you act now. The redevelopment is costing more than £15bn and has been dubbed Dubai-on-Thames for the likely cost and style of properties that will be developed.

Despite this, there are still areas of Battersea where house prices are reasonably by London’s standards. Homes are typically Victorian or Edwardian in style, and many have been converted into flats and apartments, but not all. This means that family homes and professional accommodation can all be found in what is often described as being one of the friendliest areas in the capital.

Clapham Junction, which was so named because developers at the time thought it would prove more popular if named after neighbouring Clapham rather than Battersea itself, is the busiest rail hub in the country. Not only does this mean convenient access, but the tolls paid by the rail companies for every train that passes through also means that Battersea council tax is among the lowest anywhere in the country.

Although the area is popular with young professionals, most stay on to upgrade to larger flats and eventually to family homes, such is the popularity of the area. Prices remain relatively competitive, for the moment, but as the luxury apartments and expensive developments continue, it is likely that this will change in the future.

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