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The pain points of the UK real estate market, and how Zillios revolutionises the marketplace

02 August 2019 2459 Views
The pain points of the UK real estate market, and how Zillios revolutionises the marketplace

Zillios looking to become the leading portal for international property listings, appealing to property owners, estate agents, and property hunters alike. Traditional property listing portals all suffer from a combination of severe deficiencies, which makes trying to search or market international property a chore. The Zillios team has identified each and every one of these pain points, and made sure they’re not an issue on this revolutionary new platform.

The trouble with traditional portals

Many leading property portals focus primarily on national properties. This means users looking to market their international properties, or looking to find an international property have traditionally had a fragmented selection at best. Many of these portals have an outdated business model, where they charge per listing – this further serves to limit the already minimal selection of international properties.

Another barrier for those looking to market properties on traditional portals involves the lack of control of search listings. Agents and owners have no input as to where in the listings their property is going to feature – as a result they aren’t confident of the ability of their listings to capture the right attention. Portals usually don’t disclose the algorithm they use to define the listing order per geo location.

How Zillios changes everything

Zillios offers a completely new browsing experience. As Zillios has a focus on international properties, the free listing model of Zillios will ensure users a huge selection of properties to choose from in the most popular regions for international property buyers. Listings are free for real estate agents and property owners, which means there’s no investment required to find a buyer or a renter for the property. The marketing of the property is also revolutionised, thanks to the introduction of the pay per click method.

Pay per click has traditionally been the preserve of eCommerce, but Zillios is bringing its effectiveness and accessibility to the international property market with a geo location based auction model. Users will now have control over where in search results their property is going to appear. This means that each user can promote their property based on their own marketing budget and how quickly they want the property to find a new tenant or owner. This accessibility and transparency carries through all aspects of the Zillios financial platform.

The introduction of blockchain technology, specifically smart contracts, means that users benefit from efficient, transparent and safe processes for buying international properties. Where the current leading portals mainly operate as an advertising platform, Zillios will guide the users step by step al along the way in their buying process. This avoids the traditional issues users have with many portals regarding slow communication, inefficient contact, and trust related issues regarding payments. Zillios is revolutionising the international property platform, by providing users with a service that is tailored to them.

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