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BreakingNews is the latest online agency to seek investment cash via crowdfunding, seeking £250,000 in return for 20 per cent of the company’s equity.

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A landlords’ group is calling on political parties to create a major incentive to landlords to sell their properties to first time buyers - with a reward of not having to pay capital gains tax. 

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Almost half of the country’s private landlords have put expansion plans on ice ahead of the general election, according to a survey. 

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The typical deposit out down on an investment property by a landlord has now hit the jaw-dropping figure of £100,000.

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'Sheer drop' landlord is banned

Tuesday, 03 March 2015 Written by

A rogue landlord who was letting out a property with a first floor bedroom door leading to a sheer drop down to ground level has been banned by a local council. 

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Eviction specialist Landlord Action says the recent average five per cent drop in possession claims issued at county courts in 2014 has been skewed by a more lenient approach being taken by social landlords.

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A glittering shortlist has been unveiled ahead of this year’s ESTAS awards to be held in April.

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The Deregulation Bill, under which the government is introducing what is effectively a ban on so-called revenge evictions, will be debated in full by the Lords on Wednesday of this week before returning to the Commons for its final reading. 

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The elderly landlord who harassed the American tenants of a house she owned in East Anglia has been fined £2,000 and told to contribute £2,500 in costs.

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The housing chief of a Labour-controlled local authority says the mandatory redress scheme for lettings agents will be nothing to prevent rogue landlords or so-called ‘revenge evictions’. 

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