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Edinburgh is set to become the first local authority in Scotland to move into the private landlord business, building up to 1,000 houses a year for commercial rent.

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A peer-to-peer lender says its study of 1,000 buy to let locations across the UK suggestsfour of the 10 highest yields are in Birmingham, followed by three in Glasgow, and the others in Ipswich and Liverpool. 

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The Residential Landlords Association says some agents and landlords may be required to notify the National Measurement and Regulation Office regarding their property heating systems by the end of this calendar year.

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The pressure group Generation Rent - which has been sharply critical of letting agents, landlords and the private rental sector in general - has walked out of the all-party campaign called Homes For Britain.

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Rents across England and Wales are now 15.2 per cent higher than at the time of the last General Election in May 2010 - outstripping the rate of inflation during the same period.

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The majority of private sector tenants who have rented a property in the past five years have failed to get their full deposit back after vacating, new research reveals.

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A rogue landlord who rented out a shoddy property in north west London has become the first to be fined under Brent council's new landlord licensing scheme.

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A pop star has been evicted from his London flat owing his landlord more than £30,000 in rent and causing him to have a breakdown.

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Shelter, the housing charity that has been fiercely critical of much of the private rental sector in recent months, is funding a council position with the aim of “improving landlords” and their relationship with tenants. 

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It’s now just one month until all letting agents have to do what most have done for some time - publicise a detailed breakdown of fees, state whether they are a member of a client money protection scheme and specify which redress scheme they are in.

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