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Agents and landlords secure higher returns by focusing on towns and cities with a younger population willing to pay for furniture to be provided, rather than rural areas and smaller towns where renters are typically families with their own furniture. 

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Over a third of landlords pay no set-up fee at all to their letting agent - in stark contrast to a small number who pay in excess of £300.

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The Guardian newspaper has made an outspoken attack on the industry claiming that “anyone can set up as a letting agent, without qualifications or licensing” and that once established their work is effectively “to own a printing press of made-up fees.” 

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The easyProperty online lettings service already has 10,000 homes pre-registered by landlords and aims to let between 4,000 and 5,000 homes each month.

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Some 55 per cent of landlords using letting agencies do now know whether the agents are in any professional body.

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Around 30 lettings agencies have started using a scheme which allows individuals to ‘earn’ positive online reviews that demonstrate they would be responsible and low-risk landlords and tenants. 

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Letting agents have “unrealistic expectations” on deductions that can be made from tenants’ deposits for the cost of wear and tear, according to the Association of Independent Inventory Clerks.

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Letting agents are being accused of double-charging - levying fees on tenants and landlords for the same service - by an insurance company.

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More hefty fines for rogue landlords

Friday, 22 August 2014 Written by

Another two landlords are out of pocket - one by a whopping £13,000-plus - after failing to comply with local council regulations.

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Property sharing website  SpareRoom claims that UK rents have risen far beyond the income of tenants, with Scotland and London becoming the least affordable locations. 

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