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The government says letting agents and landlords can, after all, prevent tenants sub-letting properties, despite apparently saying the reverse in a statement immediately after the Budget earlier this month.

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Eric Walker, the managing director of Northwood UK and founder member of SAFEagent, has been involved in a lengthy Twitter-spat with outspoken Labour MP Stella Creasy.

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Some 20 per cent of letting agents are still not in a redress system despite membership being mandatory since last October, claims Citizen Advice.

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The HMRC ‘Let Property’ campaign recovered just over £20m by the end of January - a dramatic rise from the October 2014 figure which stood at just £7.9 million.

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A local newspaper claims that the former landlord of a Derbyshire home where a man died from carbon monoxide poisoning has been selected as a Green Party candidate in the May election. 

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The GMB union says councils and any future government must do more to regulate the private rental sector’s agents and landlords.

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The National Landlords Association is demanding that Liverpool council postpones the launch of its city-wide licensing scheme due to go live next week. 

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Some 307 letting agency branches across London, handling some 115,000 homes, are now badged under the Mayor’s London Rental Standard accreditation service. 

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Tower Hamlets council in east London is the latest to appear to be pressing ahead with a private rental sector licensing scheme, despite government wanting more oversight of the proposals.

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One of the industry’s most respected analysts, Kate Faulkner, says rent controls of the kind proposed by some politicians ahead of the May general election could ultimately lead to rents rising rather than being stabilised or falling.

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