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One of the country’s largest surveys of landlords shows that over half of them would never use an online letting agent over a traditional high street agent.

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A council has demolished an illegal outbuilding that was being used as a bed in a shed' after a rogue landlord failed to comply with a planning enforcement notice - and is planning to bill the landlord for up to £10,000 in costs.

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Private landlords in Brent will be forced to pay £350 to subscribe to a compulsory five-year licensing scheme after the local authority rejected opponents’ arguments.

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The government has ended the uncertainty over the start of the lettings sector’s compulsory redress regime with the news that it will begin on October 1. 

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The number of landlords - amateur and professional - offering short-term lets has trebled in the last year according to a rental website. 

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Council is ending HMO 'amnesty'

Thursday, 28 August 2014 Written by

A local authority is shortly ending an amnesty under which landlords could seek an HMO licence even if they should have had one already. 

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Pets mean more business, landlords told

Thursday, 28 August 2014 Written by

Pet owners are more likely to rent, will take up longer tenancies and pay more rent - so it is poor business sense to exclude them, according to LetRisks. 

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Agents and landlords secure higher returns by focusing on towns and cities with a younger population willing to pay for furniture to be provided, rather than rural areas and smaller towns where renters are typically families with their own furniture. 

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Over a third of landlords pay no set-up fee at all to their letting agent - in stark contrast to a small number who pay in excess of £300.

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The Guardian newspaper has made an outspoken attack on the industry claiming that “anyone can set up as a letting agent, without qualifications or licensing” and that once established their work is effectively “to own a printing press of made-up fees.” 

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