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Competition from big-money overseas private landlords and low yields are making prime central London unattractive to institutional investors who want returns from Build To Let schemes.

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A central London letting agency which saw a 30 per cent surge in business last year anticipates similar growth in 2016 and believes it will double in size shortly after that. 

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A survey of letting agents and landlords suggests 23 per cent have already let all of their student properties for the next academic year.

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A website has now been launched for agents and landlords to provide what water authorities describe as “basic contact information” about their tenants so the utility providers can register them for billing.

Reads 36 is the latest online agency to seek investment cash via crowdfunding, seeking £250,000 in return for 20 per cent of the company’s equity.

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A landlords’ group is calling on political parties to create a major incentive to landlords to sell their properties to first time buyers - with a reward of not having to pay capital gains tax. 

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Almost half of the country’s private landlords have put expansion plans on ice ahead of the general election, according to a survey. 

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The typical deposit out down on an investment property by a landlord has now hit the jaw-dropping figure of £100,000.

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'Sheer drop' landlord is banned

Tuesday, 03 March 2015 Written by

A rogue landlord who was letting out a property with a first floor bedroom door leading to a sheer drop down to ground level has been banned by a local council. 

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Eviction specialist Landlord Action says the recent average five per cent drop in possession claims issued at county courts in 2014 has been skewed by a more lenient approach being taken by social landlords.

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