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Shelter, critical of agents and landlords, now faces staff strikeThe charity Shelter, which this week produced another report suggesting how landlords should better manage their tenants, is facing a three day strike next week because its own management is allegedly cutting the pay of front-line staff.

The union Unite says its 400 members at Shelter have voted for a three day walk out begining on Tuesday morning.

Unite claims that the charity - which employs 1,300 people in a range of support, research, retail and management roles - was making changes that could lead to pay cuts of up to £5,000 a year for new advice and support workers and £3,000 for existing front-line staff.

Unite also says the pay of existing front-line staff was being guaranteed only until 2016.

The union says that 69 per cent of its Shelter membership, which has grown to 400 in recent weeks as the industrial dispute has escalated, vote for strike action.

"Our members care deeply about the help they give and the people they support. They are fearful that cut-rate pay will lead to a cut-rate organisation as managers struggle to recruit experienced replacements on the new lower rates of pay says a spokesman for the union.

"Shelter's front-line support and advice workers are the lifeblood of the charity and deserve better than pay cuts while those with huge salaries at the top see their pay protected.

In recent months the thrust of Shelter's activities appear to have changed from championing the cause of the homeless, and campaigning against homelessness, to aggressively criticising landlords and in some cases letting agents in the private sector.


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    • 16 December 2014 14:42 PM
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    That's an average of almost 35k pa per employee, I bet there are not of lot of people on the ground floor on anything approaching that. Seems like another charity where charity starts at home ;-)

    • 16 December 2014 12:37 PM
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    Three days off work a few days before Christmas - I never, that's just handy for Xmas shopping isn't it Lucky them if they can afford three days without pay.

    • 15 December 2014 14:08 PM
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    Doesn't shine a great light on Shelter, does it If you're going to start criticising others, it's best to have your own house in order first. Not bright.

    • 15 December 2014 13:01 PM
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    Gimme Shelter by the Rolling Stones......or perhaps not!

    • 13 December 2014 13:28 PM
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    Bemused Agent - that is appalling, however not surprising from that organisation.

    • 12 December 2014 14:36 PM
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    about time they shut down, what a bunch of jokers.

    • 12 December 2014 09:49 AM
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    We had a tenant sign a six month tenancy and the next day change her mind... we agreed to re-let the property as long as she covered the landlord's costs. few days later we get a letter from Shelter that contained some wholly inaccurate statements regarding the law and a demand for the rent and bond back. i called the letter writer who answered the phone laughing. She said she was laughing to herself when she wrote it and said she knew she was pushing her luck and to ignore the letter. What sort of charity is this exactly giving wrong advise and false hope to the tenant, wasting the charities money and our time in dealing with it

    • 12 December 2014 09:21 AM
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    A quick check of Shelter's Annual report reveals that they spent 39,162,000 on staff costs and their average full time staff numbers were 1,122.

    • 12 December 2014 09:04 AM
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    How ironic - Shelter is cutting staff wages! I do hope that none of their staff will face homelessness because Shelter is far too busy interfering in the PRS and flexing their political muscle to be bothered with the homeless now!!! Shame on you Shelter - the tenants that you are championing at least have a home. What about the ones that are genuinely homeless - who is their champion now! You have lost your way - stop being political (your're a charity - it's not allowed!) and get back to helping the homeless.

    • 12 December 2014 08:45 AM
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    I know what this is about !!!! They are cutting pay and using the money to invest in getting more accurate statistics than the cr*p ones they published earlier on in the week. :D

    • 12 December 2014 07:21 AM
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