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More concern over 'outrageous' subletting proposalAnother group has come out against the government's decision to stop agents and landlords banning the subletting of privately rented property by tenants, forecasting it will cause outrage amongst investment property owners.

The B&B Association, representing bed and breakfast businesses, says the government's measure - tucked away in the small print of last week's Budget - will lead to the proliferation of short-term letting on websites such as Airbnb or HomeAway.

This will allow the tenant to make a profit for themselves while increasing the risk of wear and tear to the property - and, in the case of flats, compromising the security of neighbours says the association's chief executive, David Weston.

This move will likely cause outrage from property owners. A property owner should have the right to determine who can occupy their own premises and at what cost; this right shouldn't be handed to the tenants. Though these measures are intended to drive use of the sharing economy', they can too easily be abused he claims.

Last week the Residential Landlords Association and eviction specialist firm Landlord Action strongly criticised the suggestion by the government, which was contained on page 51 of the Budget Red Book - the document released after the Chancellor makes his speech.