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Interview of Nathan Abbott
Written by the Letting Agent Today team
Nathan Abbott, Head of Change Management at The Lettings Hub

Who are you and what does it say on your business card?

I’m Nathan Abbott, Head of Change Management at The Lettings Hub.

What is the modern tenant consumer looking for in a letting agent?


We’ve all become used to a digital world. Whether it’s banking, shopping, dating, socialising – our lives are simplifed and we get what we want quicker.

Moving home is no different. In fact, much of the stress for tenant consumers comes from the fact that a great deal of the lettings journey can still be slow, offline and very traditional; they’re not getting the same standard of customer service they have become accustomed to elsewhere. So, while having the right properties on your books and well-trained, knowledgeable agents are of course valued, ultimately, tenants are looking for a fast, affordable and stree-free move from start to finish.  

The lettings market is fast-paced and agents and prospective tenants alike want a quick turnaround - from viewing a property to signing the tenancy agreement and handing over the keys. It’s why our services are designed to support both the letting agent and their tenants throughout the entire rental process. It works on the premise that both parties can track their applications with real-time progress reports from any location at any time of day.

By digitalising the entire process we’ve in turn reduced the overall time it takes to process an application to a finalised tenancy without compromising on quality.  And that’s, really, what the modern tenant consumer wants. 

What are the USPs of The Lettings Hub BOX platform?

First and foremost – it is free. BOX is the only platform on the market where you don’t have to pay expensive subscription fees to access 34 integrated services to help agents process tenancy applications in less time. It does this whilst minimising their admin and growing their revenue, so BOX is a real money saver. When you’re not saving money on the subscription costs, the choice of 12 referencing options, ability to upgrade on a case by case basis, improved insurance conversions and ongoing commissions mean that the entire tenancy progression process is significantly more profitable.

Of course, with Property PassportTM also included within BOX, agents can save even more time – and money - by pre-approving tenants and qualifying their rental profile before they’ve even chosen or viewed any properties.

Other companies are trying to bring a comparable product to market, but BOX is still the only platform which offers full integration, for free.

What is next on the horizon for The Lettings Hub’s BOX tech platform?

We think of BOX as the most efficient Lettings Admin Assistant any agent could ask for. At present, we are helping over 1,000 lettings agents, every day, streamline their pre-tenancy processes. And that number continues to grow.

The Lettings Hub is an innovative organisation. Over the last 5 years, we have continued to look for ways to empower agents and revitalise the tenancy process. This continues to be our goal as we look for ways to simplify the process further, reduce costs, find even more revenue-generating opportunities and really super charge the lettings process. We’re also looking beyond the tenancy progression part of the journey and considering the entire lettings process from start to finish – from property search to moving day. The industry is always undergoing significant change and letting agents constantly feel the brunt of these changes. Our goal is to be the antidode to change, offering inspired and effective solutions to help agents not just manage it, but thrive as a result of it. 

What is your property prediction for 2022?

With 2022 expected to be the return to pre-pandemic normality, I think the industry would be prudent to expect and prepare for the long discussed regulation and registration of estate and lettings agents. The House of Commons Library published a 27 page briefing document in August which lists the current measures controlling the industry, including a summary from a steering group held in 2019 which considered new codes of practice for property agents. While there is no indication of timescales, I think 2022 may well see this significant change brought into effect.

As a regulated industry, agents would almost certainly need far more rigerous systems and processes, staff training and CPD would become a requirement and audit trails and compliance would become even more onerous. Whatever happens, I believe that 2022 is going to be a pivotal year as far as this regulation is concerned so agents would be wise to ensure they are standardising and digitising as many of their processes as possible to allow for a more seamless transition.  

What is the most satisfying part of your job?

We serve one of the fastest changing industries out there, so working in the change department can be a challenging but that’s what I love about it. Being a part of the team that is helping the lettings industry to change the way they work through simplification and digitisation is extremely rewarding; especially where the speed of change and product development at The Lettings Hub has been so rapid.

There’s no doubt that BOX has changed our business… and it’s done the same for our clients too. 

Country house or city apartment?

Country house, I love having the open countryside on my doorstep and being able to step outside and walk-through open fields. We are very lucky in Cambridgeshire to have so many beautiful green spaces.

Trendy roof terrace or traditional English garden?

It has to be trendy roof terrace, especially with a minimalist design. I love the clean lines and modern look of structured formal trees that work perfectly on a city roof terrace.

What is your favourite room in your home?

Without a doubt the kitchen, I love cooking and is a great social space. It truly is the heart of the home.

Would you rather be a free-moving tenant or settle owner-occupier?

Although being a tenant does have its advantages overall, I prefer being an owner occupier.  

Homes Under the Hammer or Location, Location, Location?

Definitely Homes Under the Hammer. I love the big reveal when they return to the properties months or years later. There’s something satisfying about seeing the transformations (or not in some cases) that bring the properties back into use.


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