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Most people back councils' call for jail sentences for rogue landlords

An opinion poll's findings, released to back up a call for tougher controls in the private rental sector, suggests 71 per cent of people in Britain want jail sentences for rogue landlords. 

Earlier this week we reported on a Local Government Association call for jail sentences for the worst offending landlords and agents

Now a poll, commissioned by the LGA and the National Housing Federation, says only one in four respondents believe there are "better ways" than jail to punish rogue landlords.

Some 50 per cent of the public questioned support jail sentences and find problems within the private rental sector "a significant issue". 

Another 21 per cent also agree with irresponsible landlords being jailed but do not regard the problem to be major. 

The LGA, which represents over 370 councils across England and Wales, says private landlords and lettings agents who are “creating misery” should not be simply fined but should also be jailed.

  • Emma  Mitchell

    I think that a jail term should certainly be considered, dependent on the case. Rogue landlords no longer seem afraid of a hefty fine, so maybe this could be the solution?

  • Felicity Blair

    It's clear that tenants are simply fed up with the sheer amount of rogue landlords. It's also tiresome as a letting agent myself to hear of landlords being dubbed and greedy and inconsiderate when in fact we work with so many that are a joy to work with and are always in-keeping with the law. I wonder if this will be the consequence for landlords in the future?

  • icon

    New legislation is spawned by bad practises and behaviour. I've been a private landlord all my working life (35 years) and have seen my share of rogue letting agents never mind rogue landlords from both sides of the fence as I also worked as a Local Authority Housing Enforcement Officer for over 10 years until recently. The persistent offenders should face harsher fines and sentencing but the whole sector needs to be licensed from top to bottom. Rent Smart Wales is reputed to be the test run for England so keep your eyes open. Once sorted out I reckon its only a matter of time before we get it. Its about time those who make their living in the property market (myself included) are fully licensed. After all, housing is the single biggest element in life that has a direct effect on everyone's outlook on life and every man and his dog can do it with pure ignorance abound at the moment. Something else that should be sorted out as well is a single type housing qualification for enforcement officers. I've seen too many so called chartered Environmental Health Officers who haven't got a clue and are not housing specialists. Come on RICS set the standard. Too many Councils that don't think housing is their number one priority as well when its the single most important priority they'll ever have!


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