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Data Predicts Bumper Christmas Lead Bonus For Agents Who Continue Marketing

24 November 2023 5320 Views
Data Predicts Bumper Christmas Lead Bonus For Agents Who Continue Marketing

Attention estate agents: if you're looking for a bumper Christmas bonus, then maintaining your marketing spend throughout December might just be the key. That's according to our latest data, which suggests that there could be huge opportunities for agents who keep their marketing plans in top gear.

The data indicates that a whopping 80,000 ValPal leads will be generated in December, with 20,000 of those coming between the 22nd and 31st December. These figures may surprise some, especially given the tough year the property market has experienced in 2023. Despite early concerns and gloomy predictions last year, however, the market has continued to display remarkable resilience.

Moreover, there is some good news as well - the recent dip in inflation to 4.6% in the year to October and wages rising by an average of 7.7% to September means that working people are typically better off now than they were a year ago. Though prices are still rising at a slower pace, this news comes as a welcome boost to the Chancellor and the property market.

Looking ahead to the holiday season, we may see a slight dip in lead levels over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but we can expect a drastic pick-up from Boxing Day onwards. TVPN Director Craig Vile explains that lead levels traditionally "double on Boxing Day and continue to rise until New Year's Eve and reach a peak during the second week of January." In fact, over the last three years, more than 4,000 leads were generated on Boxing Day alone. In 2022, lead levels on Boxing Day rose by 38% from the previous year, suggesting pent-up demand in the market.

According to Vile, there's a common misconception that people do not think about moving house over the Christmas season, but The ValPal Network data shows high level of activity from prospective sellers and landlords, year on year. Roughly one in five ValPal leads will go on to sell, so agents are advised to pick up the pace when it comes to marketing to ensure their pipeline is full in January.

Agents who start running Facebook ads now can build up a pipeline of active sellers for 2024. 17.31% of Facebook leads convert to instruction despite being “top of funnel” marketing leads. It’s also worth noting is that 27.48% of ValPal leads will be instructed by the agent who generated that lead, so it’s important to ensure you’re nurturing your database to minimize the loss to competitors.

In light of these insights, it's vital that agents keep their marketing plans in top gear throughout December and into the New Year to take advantage of the leads that will be generated. The good news is that there's a Christmas bonus on offer for those agents who are savvy enough to make the most of the opportunity. Though it's been a more challenging year, the general outlook is brighter now. That's why we at The ValPal Network have been making radical improvements to our platform, to make it easier for our members to make the most of every lead that comes their way. So why not take advantage of these opportunities and ensure a prosperous new year for your real estate business?

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