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Councillor complains about "obscene" wording on agency's To Let sign

A Loughborough lettings agency has been accused of “obscene” advertising because of the wording used on To Let boards. 

Councillor Ted Parton claims one of a number of unusual To Let boards created by Loc8me, a local lettings firm, is risque and should not be seen by children. The sign is aimed at attracting student tenants and says: ‘I Want You Inside Me.’

Raffaele Russo, who runs the company, is quoted by the Loughborough Echo as being the man behind the different boards, which includes another saying:‘Good looking house seeking casual one year relationship (no strings attached).’


The councillor is quoted by the Echo as saying: “The sexual innuendo that this sign conveys maybe seen by the letting agents as funny and a clever way of enticing students to rent such a property. However bearing in mind that this advert is prominently displayed in full view of children and young people under the age of 16, it should be taken down immediately.”

Russo has told the Echo: “I am sorry that he feels that way. If he nips into the office I will take it down. We know it is borderline. We know that not everyone will be entertained by it, but that’s what marketing is. 

“Everyone complains about ‘to let’ boards. They are seen as negative. We thought if they were funnier they would be more noticeable and it’s got people looking. If one has caused a bit of jaw response we will take it down.”

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    Miserable sods. My local butcher has had a roadside blackboard for years with "wink wink, nudge nudge" comments on it. "Does your bird need stuffing?" Things like that. I don't of anyone who objects to it.

  • Barry X

    I doubt that children would even notice these lettings boards and if they did I doubt they'd be interested or have the slightest idea of the innuendo. If they actually did understand the innuendo then I think it's way too late to worry about protecting them from such allegedly “obscene” lettings boards!

    Calling these boards “obscene” is complete nonsense and actually (in my opinion) an obscene distortion and abuse of our language, as well as a gross exaggeration.... Councillor "Ted" (presumably really Edward?) Parton is just trying to draw attention to himself and impress people - if so I think he's achieving his first objective but failing miserably in his second. He is, however, greatly helping Loc8me, which must Raffaele Russo greatly.

    I notice Raffaele Russo doesn't need to go around telling complete strangers he's called "Raf-Rus" or anything like that to con them into thinking they already know him and think him a really nice guy (which he probably is, whereas my impression of Teddy-boy Parton is he's a bit of a self-seeking, self-serving prat (like most shallow politicians though so that's hardly surprising).

    Well, Raffaele's signs have amused and cheered me up this morning, and Teddy-P has done a great job of drawing my attention to them, otherwise I'd never have known!

  • Algarve  Investor

    I thought it was quite witty, if a little risque. Not sure it should be taken down. As much as I hate the phrase, does smack of "political correctness gone mad!"

    As Barry X says, I seriously doubt young children would understand the innuendo or be harmed by it. It's a little bit close to the bone, but it's targeted to a particular demographic and I doubt that they or many other people would be offended by it.

    Sometimes outrage for the sake of outrage can go too far.

  • icon

    Most agents ignore the Town& Country Planning Act concerning the wording on boards so it's up to the Local Authorities to use their powers and prosecute.

    The following (amongst others) all fail to comply with the requirements of the Act:-

    Let By/Sold By
    Another one Let/Sold
    Sale/Let Agreed
    It's gone!
    etc., etc.

    As a reminder the permitted wordings are:-

    For Sale/To Let
    Sold/Let subject to contract

    and that's it!

    Mind you the agent's wording did make me giggle.


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