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Letting agents - blog claims they're tricksters, liars, con-merchants

A no-holds-barred blog on a controversial website claims that it lifts the lid on being a letting agent in central London - but it was written anonymously and no names have been identified to add authority to the claims.


The Debrief - which 18 months ago was influential in launching an online petition against letting agents’ fees, securing over 250,000 e-signatures - has now published a blog by an unknown individual who says they took a temporary job in summer 2016 at a letting agency.



The agency is not named but apparently has an office in Fitzrovia, and the piece includes some predictable colour that comes with working in the industry in central London these days: for example, the tenant who picked up the agent in a Ferrari (a different Ferrari, that is, on each of three occasions), and the female student tenant whose lecturer acted as guarantor, for reasons the agency speculated upon.


But of more concern was a series of allegations made in the piece including:


- a generic image of a property, advertised at an artificially low price, was used to entice leads;


- a cynical approach to the levying of fees on tenants;


- the claim that some deposits “went straight into the agent’s coffers”.

Letting Agent Today has challenged The Debrief to produce more information on this - to add weight to the claims, the identities of the writer and the agency would be useful, as would some evidence of some of the allegations made in the piece. 

We have not yet had a response, but you can read the piece for yourself here.

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    • J T
    • 08 August 2017 16:51 PM

    So it's completely un-verifiable then and could be an utter load of nonsense?
    Is that what passes for news these days?
    If I write a blog about the excellent best-practice demonstrated by my agency would you publish it?

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    Why is this load of tosh here as a 'news' item. Come on LA Today get a life!

  • jeremy clarke


  • Neil Cobbold

    Not only is this unverified, unsubstantiated information submitted anonymously being portrayed as news, but a large part of the persons article is related to location and marketing. Based in Fitzrovia, showing properties in Marylbone & Sloane Square and they were shocked that some tenants dealt with were financially secure. Using London or words like spacious are standard marketing terms used by every industry. How often do we see this as consumers and do we berate or persecute the restaurant describing themselves as "trendy" to market their business and make a profit. I would say the person doing the summer job (if factual) needed more training on how to do the job properly and provide the proper service for the prices charged. It sounds like through their lack of experience they actually provided a poor service, let down the people they were there to help and showed they are not a good agent. Regarding illegal activity (again if fact) this is not condoned and should be stopped wherever encountered. Maybe instead of writing an anonymous article doing nothing for the people they say are giving them "perspective", they should whistleblow the company to the relevant scheme and help to get rid of rogue agents that nobody wants bringing down the industry.

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    More 'tosh' from LAT (GN). Challenged! Better to have challenged and obtained more info. before publication on LAT?

  • Andrew  whitmey

    This Blog is absolutely fantastic! Thanks for sharing it Really helpful to me. Also, I am sharing with friends to know about it.


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