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Corbyn commits Labour to introducing rent controls

Jeremy Corbyn has used his leader’s speech at the end of this week’s Labour conference in Brighton to commit the party to introduce rent controls when it next forms a government.

“We will control rents - when the younger generation’s housing costs are three times more than those of their grandparents, that is not sustainable.

“Rent controls exist in many cities across the world and I want our cities to have those powers too and tenants to have those protections” he told delegates. 


No other details of how those controls would be implemented were given by Corbyn, but in a wide ranging speech he made several other references to how he would change the property landscape if there was a Labour government.

“We also need to tax undeveloped land held by developers and have the power to compulsorily purchase” he said. 

On regeneration he said: “So when councils come forward with proposals for regeneration, we will put down two markers based on one simple principle:

"Regeneration under a Labour government will be for the benefit of the local people, not private developers, not property speculators.

“First, people who live on an estate that’s redeveloped must get a home on the same site and the same terms as before. No social cleansing, no jacking up rents, no exorbitant ground rents.

“And second councils will have to win a ballot of existing tenants and leaseholders before any redevelopment scheme can take place. Real regeneration, yes, but for the many not the few.”

  • jeremy clarke

    Usual clap trap looking to take our country back to the 1970's. Unfortunately most of his sheep are too young to remember those terrible years under labour then or the latest attempt by labour to govern and by the time they find out it will be too late. Suggest that they google housing conditions pre 1988 and then think again!

  • icon

    well no worries there then,scruff will never be our leader,mind you if you have rent controls you must protect landlords too,with motgage interest control,tenants from hell and allow them to claim all expenses,yes that include finance costs too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!god help us with these people!

  • Simon Shinerock

    No regeneration, no PRS, no hope, no learning from history, no regard to reality, it's all just insanity

  • James Robinson

    Comrade Corbyn at his unelectable best.
    I wonder whether this will be before or after he re-nationalises the railways, the power stations and abolishes university fees and writes off student debt.

  • icon

    In no way is Corbyn unelctable! I thought the same about Harold Wilson but the great public did just that and we had to suffer the dire consequences. The poor man was absolutely distraught when the masses woke up and kicked his mob out years later. Ever since then the die hard lefties have been spouting hate at Margaret Thatcher for sort sorting out the colossal mess they left for future generations!

    Will the proletariat ever remember and learn? No they will not.

    I have an old passport with official stamps in it confirming that I had permission from the government to take foreign currency abroad for export business purposes. Those times were hell. My work took me to communist countries and I could immediately see how aligned our wonderful communist lefties were with the Kremlin.
    It makes me shudder. Quite honestly I am scared but I am too old to think all this is going to bother me for a lot longer. As for my children, they think I am mad and can not see what is coming. Such is our education system and a total lack of recent history teaching - the truth I mean, not the dreams of utopia.

    James Robinson

    Mmmm! Harold Wilson was unelectable but less so than the Conservatives.
    It was Suez swiftly followed by that randy minister Profumo sharing show girls with a Russian Naval Attaché and the ensuing scandal that shook 'the establishment' that did for MacMillan and then Douglas-Home. A lobotomised monkey could have won that election..... maybe it did. However, as PR inept Mrs May is, at least she is honourable.

  • icon

    There is no doubt that young people who have done the right thing are in a bad position regarding housing.

    Rent control is a popular well meaning policy that will make the housing crisis worse. It will move the problem from housing being expensive to housing becoming unavailable.

    The challenge for the current government is to come up with an alternative to solve the housing crisis and at the moment they seem to prefer to try and exploit it through a tax grab (S24) and grandstanding (ban on letting agent fees).

    What is needed is a plan to make the supply of houses match demand and for this to be done in a manner that provides housing of a quality that people want to live in (no soviet style ghettos).


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