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Anti-letting agents group stages more direct action protests

A pressure group that in the past has protested outside letting agency branches has staged more direct action - this time against banks.

Acorn has held protests outside eight NatWest branches, demanding the firm ends what the group calls its “discrimination”” against renters claiming housing benefit. 

Acorn was joined by two more campaign groups - Living Rent and London Renters Union - at different cities.


Acorn claims that a clause in NatWest’s Buy To Let mortgage agreement with landlords explicitly rules out renting to DSS tenants, a reference to benefit claimants and the now-defunct Department for Social Security that was dissolved in 2001. 

The protests follow a case where a landlord with a NatWest mortgage was allegedly required to either pay a large penalty fee or evict their tenant.

Campaigners argue that NatWest’s policy places the bank in breach of the Equality Act.

TSB and Santander have previously abolished similar policies to NatWest.

“NatWest’s blatant discrimination against housing benefit claimants is another reminder that our rigged housing system prioritises profits for landlords, investors and banks over everyone’s need for a decent home, and it should be brought to an end immediately” says an Acorn spokesperson.

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    They were lucky to find 8 Natwest branches open!

  • Paul Singleton

    They weren’t protesting outside trendy wine bars were they, thinking they were Nat West branches that have now closed?

  • James B

    They need to go find proper employment.. better use of their time

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    Whether NatWest changes policy or not ALL my ads contain the words NO HB. If you don't like it ...tough

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    Don't like banks dont trust banks. In fact banks are only any good for giving you a cheque book and taking your money. BUT they are 100% right on this one. A good business thinking landlord will not and should not house anyone on benefits or UC, leave them to be housed by shelter and Councils. Leave private landlords to house hard word respectful sociable people.

  • Paul Smithson

    The Acorn lot are a shower, standing outside Agent in Brighton the other day spouting untruths and generally looking like the great unwashed. I could see none of normal public bothering to even look 😀


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