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Labour must clarify tenants-with-pets policy, says trade body

A trade body says it wants more clarity from the Labour Party on its proposals to allow private sector tenants to keep pets unless there is evidence that they cause a nuisance.

The proposal, put forward this week by Labour, has drawn a cautious response from David Smith, policy director for the Residential Landlords Association. 

“Will landlords be able to charge higher deposits to reflect the increased risks of damage to a property where pets are allowed?“ asks Smith.

“Will insurance premiums increase for landlords to reflect the greater risk of allowing pets to be kept as a default position? What happens in shared homes and blocks of flats where one or more of the tenants do not want, or are allergic to, a pet?” Smith continues.

The association says Labour must “respond positively to all these points” if landlords are to have confidence in the policy.

Labour wants to strengthen the rights of tenants to keep a pet in their properties as part of a package of proposed animal welfare measures.


  • James B

    Someone at labour must have come up with the bright idea to go after the votes for tenants with pets! Unbelievable to consider a landlord cannot make a choice to take a tenant without pets in their own property
    Landlord bashing going mad !

  • icon

    I feel we might be heading back to the 70's with Labour's ridiculous ideas.....


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