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Labour to scrap S21 and match Tory pledges on fees and tenancies

Labour has outlined its proposals for the private rental sector if it gains power at the next General Election - and the measures look like those from the government, with the addition of scrapping of Section 21 eviction rights for landlords.

Labour says S21 of the 1998 Housing Act came into force when it was more difficult for landlords to evict people who paid rent on time; now, the party claims, it is the biggest single cause of homelessness thanks to what it calls ‘no fault evictions’. 

The party cites research by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and the Cambridge Centre for Housing and Planning Research asserting that 80 per cent of private sector evictions in 2015 fell into this category.


Labour’s shadow housing secretary John Healey says: ”Tenants who rent from private landlords have been hit hard by the housing crisis. Labour's commitment is clear: we'll give renters new rights to control rental costs, improve conditions and increase security.”

Labour’s other policies for the sector are broadly similar to those put forward over recent years by the Conservatives. 

These are, introducing three-year tenancies as standard for private tenants, banning the levying of letting agents’ fees on tenants in England and Wales, and new minimum legal standards to ensure homes are fit for human habitation - the latter two measures are already making their way through Parliament.

In addition, Labour has repeated its claim from past years to allow city councils in certain parts of the country to introduce rent controls for private tenants.

The party also promises to reverse cuts to legal aid for housing related cases and to set up a £20m fund to set up renters’ unions to support tenants in disputes with landlords.

"Renters' unions help put power in the hands of tenants. And the next Labour government will fund set-up costs for these unions across the country to support renters to defend their rights, and make the housing market fairer” Healey says.

  • James B

    Just more routine campaigning for generation rent votes
    Landlords don’t end tenancies.. scrapping section 21 will make no difference apart from section 8 will through the roof ! And of course supply will fall and rents will rise as more landlords head for the door .. not a great time to be a tenant with government policies backfiring left right and centre

  • icon

    The private rented sector is turning back full circle to where it started care of the old Rent Acts and then inevitably lenders will react to the element of uncertainty caused by increased security of tenure, which in turn causes a reduction in the capital value of a rental property, which in turn strangles investment into the private rented sector, and greatly reduces supply.

    Governments then put their faith back into social housing and Housing Associations, who are dependent on subsidy from the tax payer, this reliance on subsidy, in turn makes these housing providers political organisations which increases inefficiencies thus pushing up costs.

    Governments then put faith in Build to Rent blocks of flats, based on investment from pension funds.....no further comment necessary....costs will of course rise and these organisations will call for support from government subsidy to help manage their upwardly moving costs ' milk the tax payer'

    You will never find a leaner , more efficient model than a well run private sector,

  • icon

    Another nail in Labours chance of being the next government. Total clueless Muppets.
    Can't wait for next election and ask a labour jerk who will house all the homeless due to the lack of private landlords.
    He she will 100% Lie. He she will say vote for us and we will build more council accommodation, they won't. Ask them to prove how they will fund it immediatly. One of the Labour jerks didn't know the difference between £300k and £300b.


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