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Thumbs up for Zoopla's 'No DSS' listings ban

The Residential Landlords Association has given its backing to Zoopla’s ban on agents and landlords advertising properties to rent as ‘No DSS’.

Chris Town, RLA vice chair, says: “Landlords should not refuse someone solely because they are on benefits, and should consider prospective tenants on a case by case basis. 

“But with growing numbers of benefit claimants now reliant on the private rented sector we need to do more to give tenants and landlords greater confidence in the benefits system.


“This means building on positive changes already made by the government by giving all tenants the right to choose if they want to have the housing element of Universal Credit paid directly to their landlord; working with bank lenders to remove mortgage terms that prevent landlords renting to benefit claimants as NatWest has already done; and ending the Local Housing Allowance freeze which has meant benefits bear little resemblance to rents.”

In its announcement at the end of last week Zoopla said that it had already contacted member agents about the issue, was amending its terms and conditions, and would scrap the No DSS field in its cloud-based software products.

RLA research has found that the average amount owed by Universal Credit tenants in rent arrears increased by half from just over £1,600 in 2017 to almost £2,400 in 2018.

Around two thirds of the largest buy to let mortgage lenders do not allow landlords to rent property to tenants receiving housing benefit.

  • James B

    Maybe the RLA should consider the landlords interest first like they get paid for ? Clearly no interest in why landlords decline such applicants or the exposure they present
    Their own figures show 61% of them are in arrears !

  • Andrew Hill

    We're not renewing our subscription with RLA after they've shifted massively in favour of tenants and have zero interest in campaigning on behalf of landlords.

  • icon
    • 18 March 2019 09:53 AM

    Well....I as a Landlord will most definitely be signing up to The Residential Landlords Association.

    Who do they think pays them?

    They should be ashamed and Chris Town should be fired. Immediately.

  • icon
    • 18 March 2019 09:54 AM

    That should have been NOT signing up... Sorry

  • icon
    • 18 March 2019 10:31 AM

    The RLA has list it's way.
    Trying to be another form of Shelter.
    What they should be doing is campaigning against the reasons why LL refuse to take on DSS tenants.
    It is not exactly a State secret as to why LL do this!!
    Change the system which causes LL to reject HB tenants and then LL won't need to state No DSS tenants!!!
    The First and most impirtant regulation to change would be for LL to be able to any tenant removed by police 14 days after 1st rent default with no requirement to use any court process.
    Consuming a property asset without paying for it is theft.
    The thief should be ejected from the property if they do not pay for it.
    This fast eviction process need ONLY apply in rent arrears circumstances.
    Most deviant tenants will not pay the rent.
    So this faster process would work for ASB tenants etc.
    But it is disgraceful the way the RLA is behaving.
    Looking after LL actually feeds into better circumstances for tenants.
    Speedy eviction results in more LL willing to let to the riskier tenant.
    Even I would let to HB tenants if I knew I could get rid of them if rent defaulting 14 days later.
    Academic for me as no-one on HB can afford my market rents.
    But as a principle speedy evictions would make more properties available to tenants

  • icon
    • 18 March 2019 15:44 PM

    Here here...….Quite right. Simple and cheaper for the Government too.

  • icon

    Zoopla and the RJA should realise that Cloud Cuckoo Land does nor exist.


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