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“Thousands” of Tier 3 private tenants face eviction, claim activists

Campaign group Generation Rent says thousands of tenants in areas of the country under Tier 3 Coronavirus restrictions are in danger of eviction.

In a letter to Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick the group, led by Baroness Alicia Kennedy, says it's “urging you to take action to support private renters living under Tier 3.”

The government has already agreed to pay two thirds of wages of workers in business obliged to close by the Tier 3 rules. However, the group’s letter to Jenrick continues: “We are extremely concerned that without further support private renters receiving 67 per cent of their income are at serious risk of debt, eviction and homelessness.” 


It adds that many tenants claiming Universal Credit are still likely to suffer financial shortfalls and “will be unable to pay their rent in full”.

Referring to some Tier 3 areas, Generation Rent says: “Over 96,000 private renter households in Greater Manchester and over 39,000 households in South Yorkshire rely on housing benefit to cover some or all of their rent.”

Kennedy’s letter reiterates that without government action, “thousands of tenants under Tier 3 restrictions could be forced into debt and will be at risk of losing their home.” 

  • Amanda Elliott

    Councils should pick up arears For landlords that can prove abpervious payment rental roll , no reason that benefits which have been awarded for housing are not paid to landlords to unable them to pay Mortage’s and commercial loans
    How where Iv waited for almost 2 years with no rent the Baliffs are due to change locks on the 5th Nov ,
    Iv Been to court twice First judge defo ruled incorrectly he was already 11 months in rental arrears and had to wait For second trail date , awarded property back , but no Baliffs date due to Covid Finally Iv given Baliffs date he’s apparently moved but I simply can’t get my house house !! Whose repaying me , if it was a Reg Hoilday rental Business I’d if received a £10,000 non payable back grant ! Why are they sep rules it’s my full time job and I employ a full time member of staff ! Stop this Constant attack on landlords and support us for once


    Amanda please take some more time to write here as your grammar is somewhat dubious. Have a rant by all means but do it in intelligible English please.

  • jeremy clarke

    I suspect that this shower has used the same formula as before to make up their numbers, asked 3 tenants and multiplied that number by 11 billionty using Abbott's abacus. Complete and utter rubbish as with everything else they spout!

  • icon

    Have any UC or HB claimants had a reduction in UC or HB? The unemployed have not been furloughed or made redundant so their “income” stream has not changed, they have just spent that money on other things.

    Where tenants have been furloughed or made redundant, I suspect their landlords have been as helpful as possible. Remember, Councils and government do not actually produce any wealth. It all comes from taxpayers’ pockets!


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