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Government confirms anti-eviction measures to be revealed shortly

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has confirmed that the government is bringing forward measures to “protect” private tenants against eviction during the Coronavirus crisis.

The announcement came at Prime Minister’s Questions in the House of Commons, in response to queries from Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

The PM said: "We will be bringing forward emergency legisaltion to protect private renters from eviction."


Johnson did not give details of the measures or the timing, although he nodded agreement to Corbyn when he said the measure should be taken in the next 48 hours.

Corbyn cited examples from Spain and some US cities which have halted evictions, and France which has made funds available to postpone rent payments during the crisis.

David Cox, the chief executive of the Association of Residential Letting Agents, backs the mover.

He says: ‘We agree that the government must do whatever it takes to safeguard tenants in these unprecedented times. We of course have to support tenants as they face uncertainty over the coming months, while as the Prime Minister has said, ensuring we don’t simply pass on the problem to other actors in the economy.”

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    Typical knee-jerk reaction. So someone who has thousands of pounds of rnt arrears will be stuck with a free-loading tenant until this is over.

    I watched PMQs and listened to a Labour MP give to examples of Section 21 with no details as to why her constituents were being evicted. I realise that S21 is considered "no fault", but I bet she knew why they had been given notice.

  • jeremy clarke

    This needs underwriting by government before all the freeloaders jump on board encouraged by shelter acorn et al who cannot wait to tell tenants to stop paying rent to screw landlords over.

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    Ok,,, so tenant does not pay rent to LL because of Cronovirus and we don't pay mortgage company because we did not receive the rent,, hows that going to be received?.
    Also what proof will we have that cronovirus is the cause of the non payment.?

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    Ok,,, so tenant does not pay rent to LL because of Cronovirus and we don't pay mortgage company because we did not receive the rent,, hows that going to be received?.
    Also what proof will we have that cronovirus is the cause of the non payment.?

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    Anyone who needs support from the local authority should 100% get it, and get is very quickly, but there cannot be 'rent free' periods.
    Just like there aren't 'mortgage free' periods. Deferred payments yes most definitely and many tenants, landlords and agents will need to work with a collective spirit of goodwill to work through this very difficult times for us all.
    I'm very concerned people will 'freeload' when they actually have the means to pay. This country has too many career freeloaders. Please do not give them free reign to drag others down too.

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    I own a flat in Taunton, which I bought a few years ago as an investment for retirement, I have informed my tenants yesterday that their rent is halved until further notice. We all need to do what we can at the moment to help each other.


    big big mistake, you are not treating this as a professional business. Good of you for Your tenant but not the way to run a business, we are not a charity.


    Steve, good point you make. However, it is run as a business which has been profitable enough to absorb the reduced income for a while and this measure helps to ensure continuity of this tenancy.

  • Sarah Doble

    What about the landlord who cannot afford the mortgage on this property and one that he has on a buy to let? or the accidental landlord who is now relying on the income from his rental property - all about the tenants yet again without thinking about the landlords in this country or the people assisting the landlords

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    Ok so what about the companies (managing agents) who will have a significant reduction in monthly income and thier staff may suffer and lose jobs then they cannot pay the rent to thier landlords and so on, this is why Rent Guarantee is so important for landlords and managing agents.

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    Rent Guarantee has been around for years and no one has ever heeded the calls for every landlord and agent to have this in place.

    Now there is likely to be a need for it and already it may be too late.

    Hopefully every one learns from this and recognises that Rent Guarantee is needed for Rental properties as much as Travel insurance is for holidays or car insurance is for car owners.

    The whole industry is going to feel this impact and so time to help everyone out !

    • 18 March 2020 16:25 PM

    I believe many LL do realise the efficacy of RGI.
    Try sourcing tenants who can pass the necessarily onerous qualifying criteria.

    Few Tenants can fullfil such criteria therein lies the problem.

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    Whilst I recognise that there is a particular part of the rental market that may struggle to get the cover Paul - the rush we are seeing to insure properties right now, at the eleventh hour is unprecedented and shows that far too many in this market are ill prepared for any shocks that may occur, no matter how small or large.

    If there's anything that comes from this in the end it will be the fact at how ill prepared this market and it's investors and stakeholders are. It's not like this is a new product or anything.........

    • 18 March 2020 17:20 PM

    Very interesting chat going on with

    the landlord site.
    Essentially it concludes that it is pointless buying RGI as any claim will be rejected if CV 19 is the cause as it is now a pre-existing scenario.

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    What protection will the private landlord, who depend entirely on the monthly rent for their living/income, get if the tenants do not pay the rent due ? Where do we go for compensation/help?

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    Ok, Mortgage companies do not have a clue how to work with professional LL, abit like the mess in 2007/2008.
    Simple rule, if my tenant cannot pay the rent due to cronovirus and confirmed that that is the reason i shall not be paying the mortgage on that property.

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    My tenant has not been paying the rent since before the coronavirus panic. Instead he sublet my house to a family who aren't paying. Fraudsters who will be laughing their heads off now they can screw me over even more. I hope the judge can see through this at the Section 8 hearing next month and that their hands won't be tied.
    Meanwhile - icing on the cake is that the tenant who signed the contract is denying it was him and it appears all the documents were fake.

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    This is the problem with knee jerk government reactions. I feel like suing the government if this goes ahead!

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    BOI confirmed they will support Professional LLs who have tenants who cannot pay rent due to Confirmed Cronavirus.
    They will "defer" mortgage payments for 3 months and then review and keep deferring until problem goes away,.
    We as professional LLs need to insure tenants are honest. Any tenant who tries sit on I will personally evict. Simple rules apply.
    More mortgage companies will Have to adopt same methods or face the backlash.
    Labour I am so so pleases you twits did not get into government.

    PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Problem is Steve, Govt have Banned ANY evictions for 3 months at least


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