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Labour wants eviction ban ‘reinstated’ for Coronavirus crisis period

Labour is on the warpath against the government following the surprise contents of the Coronavirus Emergency Bill, apparently watering down the eviction ban.

Last week, the government pledged to introduce a 'complete ban on evictions and additional protections for renters' affected by Coronavirus, but the Bill which has now become law simply extends the notice required for possession from two months to three.

John Healey MP, Labour’s shadow housing secretary, says: “With this legislation, Boris Johnson has broken his promise to the country’s 20 million renters.


“This is not an evictions ban, as Labour argued for, and renters were eventually promised by Boris Johnson. This legislation does not stop people losing their homes as a result of coronavirus, it just gives them some extra time to pack their bags.

“It beggars belief that the government is not willing to make this simple change. We even wrote to ministers to give them the legislation that would provide the protections renters need: to ban evictions and suspend rental payments beyond the crisis. 

“This is the help already promised for struggling home-owners from government and mortgage lenders.

“Coronavirus is a public health emergency, it need not become a crisis of housing and homelessness too. But this will happen if the government continues to refuse to take the most basic steps to keep people in their homes.”

The Coronavirus Bill has now passed into law and cannot be amended.

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    Tenants who are in receipt of 80% of their salary should do the decent thing and pass this on the their LLs

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Lets make no bones about it, Labour want ALL Landlords to foot the bill for a 3 Month Rent Holiday for Tenants.
    Labour have always been Landlords No 1 Enemy. ( Next to Shelter, Citizens Advice, Generation Rent, Acorn, Most solicitors who aren't screwing a good fee out of representing Landlords, etc - List too long to mention here unfortunately )

  • Amanda Elliott

    When do we get a break !!
    I was in court 17th March awarded my property back yet no paper work received from court and guess what I am told today they are leaving the eviction for another 3 months totalling 11 months if there isn’t a further extension !!! My awful teannt wins to stay in my property for nothing ! I was told today he has a property already around the corner that he sublets
    No law on our side !!

    PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    For what its worth Amanda, I would write to your M.P.
    I intend to write to mine about the appalling treatment of Landlords, and if I may, with your permission - use your scenario as an example ?
    If you agree, I wonder if you'd mind giving me a just a little more detail, on enquiries@PossessionFriend.uk
    I will post a response from my M.P. here ( to be fair, I always get a response, although mostly nebulous Govt propaganda. )


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