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Yet more regulation of rental sector on the way, predicts Propertymark

Once the worst of the Coronavirus crisis passes there’s likely to be much more regulation of parts of the rental sector according to the head of ARLA Propertymark.

Chief executive David Cox forecasts that yet more legislation is on the cards once the government resumes something like normal business.

“[Post-crisis] I think they’re going to be looking at more regulation of landlords. I think we will go into a much tougher regime on property standards” Cox told a webinar hosted by PropTech firm Goodlord. 


He says the key to success will be for the industry to lead that change rather than merely react to it.

“We are trying to get out ahead of that with the concept of a property MOT; if we can try and shape what comes next, it’s going to be much easier for the industry to accept than to have a whole collection of laws thrown at us like we have over the past 10 years” he told webinar delegates. 

“Let’s get out in front of it, so we’re on the front foot.”

He also suggested that agents and other players in the rental sector remember that other legal changes are still in the pipeline, despite the virus challenge.

That includes the abolition of Section 21, Electrical Safety Regulations on new tenancies - coming into effect on July 1 - and the emphasis on agent training contained in the recommendations of the Regulation of Property Agents working group.

In the shorter term, the first Friday out of lockdown is likely to be one of the busiest in the lettings industry’s history suggests Cox. 

“There’s clearly a massive amount of pent-up demand in the market. Our message is just put everything on pause - don’t cancel it. The first Friday out of lockdown is probably going to be one of the biggest moving days in the lettings industry’s history.”

He described the industry’s response to the Coronavirus crisis so far as “exceedingly professional”  and advised agents to focus on how they will handle the first seven days back” when the market is predicting a surge in new tenancy applications. 

And he advised assessing capacity requirements and logistical changes needed to respond to that demand. 

  • Mark Wilson

    The regulation i expect that bites will be in the form of rent control post abolition of section 21, and huge problems for Landlords in obtaining possession. The rest will come out in the wash. Huge demand, maybe, but huge job losses so limited ability to pay.

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Oh I don't doubt more regulation. But regulations over the past 5 plus years has led us to this situation of increased demand and less supply of Housing.
    Govt can't regulate their way out of that, the answer is more Houses, - simples. !
    But what the country is going to get is less.

    Landlords will be ever so careful who they rent to. All those left over will be knocking on Local Authorities doors and they can foresee this coming.
    I already have a client who has been pursuing and served Sec 8 PRIOR to the 3 month Delay on Possession proceedings. The L.A in question wrote the strongest letter I've ever seen from an L.A, Warning the Tenant to engage with landlord, because when the tenant finally gets evicted, 'don't come to the L.A. looking for accommodation, as they'll be classed as Intentionally Homeless'

    We've not been used to such strong LA intervention, and I think they're not doing it for benefit landlords, but to protect themselves from the Tsunami of applicants following Covid evictions.

  • icon

    I served section 8 to seek possession back in December 2019 as the tenant has not paid rent since October and refusing to vacant , then In sight of the covid 19 the government has blocked all possession order since 26 March 2020 3 months postpone , potential loss of £9000 yet things are uncertain when the courts will resume, could be TIL September! There is no security for Landlords, only way landlords will be head is no letting to DSS tenants , then we might see fair regulations for Landlords!

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    See our web site, we're offering Free Advice during Covid-19
    Also, you'll find our recent Evidence to MHCLG heavily criticising the Govt' handling of the PRS interesting, summary and link to our evidence on our Facebook page @possessionfriend


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