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Labour joins call for faster scrapping of S21 evictions

Labour has joined with campaign groups Generation Rent and Shelter in calling for the speediest possible ending of Section 21 eviction powers, as pledged by the Conservatives in the 2019 General Election.

It is thought that the scrapping of that provision of the 1988 Housing Act may be included in the White Paper on rental reform, expected from the government this autumn but now known to be delayed further until 2022.

Now Sem Moema, Labour’s London Assembly housing spokesperson, has written to Housing Secretary Michael Gove to demand a timetable.


She says: “No fault evictions not only unjustly uproot the lives of too many families and individuals, but add to the insurmountable pressures already being placed upon councils.

“The government’s inertia over implementing its reforms to the private rented sector and outlawing these evictions has been shameful and this has had a direct impact on thousands of Londoners.”

Figures produced by pressure groups and data from the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and the Communities suggest that between April 2019 and June 2021, 5,770 London households were served with a Section 21 eviction notice.

It is also reported that between April 2019 and March 2021, councils across the country stepped in to support 91,710 private tenants who were facing eviction.

Campaigners and opposition politicians have increased their criticism of what they see as unnecessary delays in the carrying out of the Conservative S21 commitment.

Lloyd Russell-Moyle - chair of the All-party Parliamentary Group on Renters and Rental Reform, and a shadow minister under former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn - has tweeted that the country “needs legislation urgently” on the issue. 


Both Shelter and Generation Rent have been long-standing critics of the delay.

Meanwhile last week it emerged that the Department of Levelling Up, Housing and Communities was delaying the White Paper for some months, apparently to give time for the government to produce what it calls a “balanced package of reforms” avoiding “unintentional consequences.”

  • Theodor Cable

    Well, they would, wouldn't they?

  • icon

    ..............the reason why Labour is a minority and no one voted for Shelter or Generation Rrent...................

  • Matthew Payne

    I suspect Mr Gove knows that scrapping S21 is simply not an option until the backlog of 65,000 possession claims are heard, and a tested, capable, accelerated court system is in place to deal with possession claims in the future. Repeal S21 before then, locksmiths will find themselves overrun with work and it will become the Wild West out there as many Landlords are faced with only one option in gaining possession. Do the left wing think that private landlords will simply sit back with their tenants on assured tenancies, not paying their rent, no redress available and go bankrupt because there is no longer section 21?

    Those that simply find that option unpalatable will simply sell up if legislation is brought forward too quickly. Either way, very bad news for tenants. And all these uneducated left wing loonies think they are helping them? Turkeys & Christmas again.


    Since when has a landlord given the slightest thought about their customers ie the renters, ive had 7 landlords sell my home or move back in in 14 odd years of renting , most have told me they never intended to sell but all have and none have ever accepted the option to sell to another landlord, as you are well aware the ending of section 21 does not mean non rent payer cant be evicted, plus their are loads of get out clauses like moving a family member back in, major refurbishments, change to an hmo, selling, moving back in etc, the simple solution is if you rent a home to someone and want to sell up go ahead but sell to another landlord. You dont rent so dont ever have to worry about your morgage company telling you to sell up, the only time you might loose your home is via a compulsory purchase for maybe a road etc, but very rare and the process takes ages etc and you get compensated.


    @ David Edmunds, Did you take classes to be stupid or does it come naturally? I seven landlords have done that to you, then perhaps the problem is you not them. BTW the words are THERE not THEIR and LOSE not LOOSE. Loose is as in a screw loose and there is in not here.

  • jeremy clarke

    Whoever coined the phrase no fault eviction? In over 30 years in the business, my experience of S21 is that in many cases there is an underlying reason that landlords use S21, usually for the certainty.


    Jeremy, the reason Polly Bleat and her cohorts refer to them as “no fault evictions” is simple.

    It conjures in the minds of politicians and the public an imagine of angelic tenants who are innocent of all wrongdoing, together with their children, being thrown out on the streets by a moustache twirling evil landlord who wants to make more money from their suffering.

    In practice, it is more likely used for substantial rent arrears and the occasional case, such as mine recently, where I wished to sell my property. That is the difference between us and Shelter. We still have this old-fashioned belief that it is our property, we must be paid the agreed rent and if we wish to sell we can.

    I long for the day when they put their money where their mouth is and buy some properties from landlords where the tenant is in arrears. After all they don’t want them homeless do they?


    So your saying as someone who has always paid my rent ALWAYS that im just the odd one that has had all my landlord sell or move back in, section 21's arent recorded so I bet your bottom dollar their are thousands more that are issued than the figures suggest. So every section 21 is for a mon rent payer, rubbish


    Dave edmunds, The common denominator here is you. Landlords' circumstances do change for various reasons: divorce, death, job loss, health etc. In my case it was ill heakth and distance. To aid my tenant I gave her all the white goods for her new home.

    I did not say every S21 was because of rent arrears. The problem with two months arrears is that the tenant simply has to pay £1 and the figure drops below the two months level. IN twenty years I have ony given two tenants a S21. The one above and another where the block management had had enough of their noise and drugs.

    I say again if you have had seven landords do this, either you have been very unlucky or the problem is you.

  • icon

    I like section 21 so I can tell tenants that constantly whinge and moan or are rude negative cause trouble with neighbours don’t look after the house always missing the rent making your life miserable or because they are annoyed they pi**ed their money away and didn’t have the discipline to save for a deposit to LEAVE!

    But don’t worry DE rest easy you will have zero chance of getting a Section 21 from me


    I think they call your comments " a dictator " some points you make are fair but im sorry just because your a landlord why does that give you the right to expect your customer to say not be negative, or even like you, maybe they do maybe they dont, they are a customer and your right as long as they pay the rent you keep the place safe, updated when needed why would you ever need a section 21


    Actually David it’s does at this moment. I don’t want negativity from people especially at this stage of life. I’m not going to put up with tenants that cause problems eg not keeping to contractor appointments especially when they rang up yelling and being disrespectful. FYI I have tenants that have been with me 14-16 years. Sorted many an issue with the properties because they behaved civil when conversing.
    The rest that showed open contempt because they are reminded daily that their lack of discipline in earlier life has put them in this position of AST well, as I was the one that saved the deposit protected my credit line, didn’t drink drug and smoke it away lived within my means then yes I get to say who stays and who goes. When S21 gets banned those rules will still apply cos I’m not putting up with those types

  • icon

    Dave Edmunds, I dont believe you. Highly unlikely a landlord will want to get rid of a good tenant. You are obviously some sort of activisit. Please tell us more about yourself.


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