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Parliament to discuss Sex For Rent scandal today

The House of Lords will today discuss the apparently-growing Sex for Rent scandal.

Campaigners say a search on websites such as Craigslist uncovers apparent offers of landlords offering accommodation for free, but with other ‘payment’ expected.

Activist group Generation Rent says it’s discovered euphemistic language used in the advertisements, including “you can pay in other ways if you want”, “we can come to an arrangement”, “females only…terms apply”, “free for the right lad” and “text me for more details.”


The adverts are aimed at men and women. 

One - quotded by Generation Rent but not sourced by the group - says: “I am gonna offer this room for only [£2 per week] because of Covid-19. I know how hard it could be for you guys to find a place specially if you are not working”. 

The advert goes on to say the room is “only for women” and “some favour in return expected”.

At the debate in the House of Lords today there will be amendments to the government’s Policing, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill, which is at Committee Stage in the Upper House.

Lord Ponsonby of Shulbrede has tabled amendments which would specifically criminalise ‘sex for rent’ landlords and would implement financial penalties on websites and platforms who host sex for rent advertisements.

Back in January this year the Daily Mail contacted over 20 UK male landlords advertising on the US-owned listings website Craigslist - reporters were posing as a 21-year-old student who was repeatedly offered free accommodation in exchange for sexual acts.

The sexual overtures were made by an HMRC staff member and a former member of RAF Support Command amongst others. The Mail names some of the landlords it contacted.

Labour MP Peter Kyle has also been calling for three changes to the law to help eradicate the problem.

Firstly he wants the placing of suggestive ads on sites such as Craigslist to be made an offence; secondly he wants the creation of a specific offence in an amendment to the Sexual Offences Act 2003, which may encourage more victims to come forward; and thirdly he wants Craigslist and similar online platforms to be accountable for the advertising they allow.

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    Is it really that big a problem? These so-called landlords are not really landlords. They are sex pests who have found a new way to pick up partners. Surely any person offered acccommodation this way just has to say no thanks?


    No thanks.


    @ Unhappy tenant, as if anyone would offer you a deal like that!

    Thankfully you will never be a tenant of mine, because mine are all happy in top quality accommodation paying top rents, not miserable ******** like you.

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    Have I touched a nerve?

    Unfortunately for you the only thing that is getting touched.


    You couldn't touch me with a bargepole. You are an insignificant little person who really needs to get a job. YOu contribute NOTHING constructive to this forum, ,uch like your life I suspect. Now do this forum a favour and go away - permanently.


    I've got a job thank you.

    What makes you think you are so significant? What do you contribute other than angry comments and typing errors?


    @ unhappy tenant/person Then concentrate on that and stop moaning on here. I have zero interest in anything you have to say and will not respomd to any further comments frrom you.

    I have a successful life and provide accommodation for many happy tenants. If you are indeed a tenant, my sympathies go to your landlord Goodbye, good luck (not) and have an unhappy life!


    You can moan, but I can't?

    You clearly have an incredibly small p...

    ...ea brain.

    Roger  Mellie

    Sheesh can't you two give a rest!


    Anything for you, Rodger.

  • Roger  Mellie

    I'd hate to think how a relationship like that might work, still, I'm sure some are happy to "take one for the team" if it helps them get ahead financially.

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    I think that these silly landlords are going to get a tenant well versed in the dirty world of drugs, theft, prostitution, criminality and are likely to get horrendous problems.


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