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Evictions, possession, Right To Rent - all being debated today

Some of the most prominent names in the rental sector are taking part in a debate on threats and challenges for the industry.

Belvoir’s lettings director Zoe Bywater, prominent property legal expert David Smith, PropTech supremo Trevor Youens of MRI Software, and Fixflo managing director Rajeev Nayyar take part in a live webinar debate at 11am today.

The panel will discuss the countless pandemic-induced administrative and regulatory changes of recent months, including those on Right To Rent, arrears collection, and possession proceedings. 


In particular they will debate which temporary procedures are coming to an end this year, what agents need to do to stay on the right side of the ever-changing rules, and how upcoming changes will hit the industry.

You can sign up to the webinar here and submit questions by emailing research@fixflo.com.

  • andrew gregory

    All of the housing issues stem from one issue. 'Decades of fundamental under investment by successive governments in Housing'. There are always solutions to these problems but they need government understanding and a level of intervention that gives private landlords the confidence that when the private sector steps up to assist with the lack of Council Housing in gets a level of protection...
    I'm sure that landlords who were afforded protection from property abuse and failed rent payments would again assist in our housing crisis! This issue needs proper debate at the highest level...

  • Patrick  Rodgers

    God at last someone talking common sense

  • Matthew Payne

    This is started back in the Blair days, but made worse since the government starved local councils of funding post 2007/8 who reacted by changing the requirements on s106s for developers, trading what was then 40% social housing for swimming pools. The population has increased by 14% since 1997, and social housing numbers have dropped by 7%, the gap plugged by the PRS. Those days however could be numbered with consecutive assaults by Tory chancellors on private Landlords in recent years, topped off by the last 12 months of rent arrears with no remedy available. 2021 actually would appear to be quite a pivotal year for all concerned when HMG has to balance its need to keep private landlords on board for at least another 3-5 years until the BTR industry catches up, while at the same time negotiating their way out of footing the bill to prevent the looming eviction crisis the pandemic has created. They cant kick the s21 notice/arrears issue down the road forever.


    They managed to kick the Brexit can down the road for a few years. The have previous in can kicking.


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