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Does the Tenant Fees Ban stop agents  charging for viewings?

A new service has been launched to charge prospective tenants £30 - potentially even more - just to view a property to let.

However some agents say this may contravene the Tenant Fees Act.

The online service, called ViewRabbit, is being tested “by a limited number of leading agents, who use it for properties with very high enquiries” according to a statement on its website.


“The pay-to-view process automatically sorts serious movers from nosey neighbours, holidaymakers, wannabees and tyre kickers who rob serious movers of precious viewing slots” the service claims.

When its launch was covered by our sister publication Estate Agent Today over the weekend, agents expressed concerns over its legality and effect on the industry’s image.

One agent’s comment was: “Anyone who uses this in my opinion is a fool as I see it doing nothing but damage to your brand. Beyond that if you are using this for lettings I look forward to you being the test case as I would be extremely shocked if this doesn’t fall foul of the tenant fee ban.”

Another agent commented that it would be grist to the mill for existing critics of lettings agents, saying “Shelter would have a field day.”

Some properties listed on ViewRabbit can be viewed for free but these viewings can be cancelled, for example if the property is sold or let before people arrive.

ViewRabbit says successful tenants securing the property would have their guaranteed viewing charge reimbursed - but all the unsuccessful tenants would not. And for properties in particularly high demand, the £30 guaranteed viewing charge could be increased.

Service founder Michael Riley says: “ViewRabbit is a UK company that has developed the world's first pay-to-view property platform. Allowing agents to create income, from the market's demand side, without creating a conflict of interest with their fee-paying client. 

“Reducing ‘no show’ appointments and giving the most committed buyers and tenants priority access without fear of their viewing being cancelled. 

“We started ViewRabbit because we believe the economics of the estate agency model are outdated, malfunctioning and misunderstood. 

“There are around 60 million viewings carried out in the UK each year and millions more cancelled when an agent agrees on a sale or let. 

“We believe the experience of booking viewings can be reimagined for the benefit of all owners, viewers, and agents."

You can see the new website here.

  • Matthew Payne

    In the published HMG guidance for agents and landlords it states:

    Q. Can I ask a tenant to pay a fee to view a property?
    No. You cannot charge for this as viewing a property is part of the process
    connected with granting a tenancy.

  • icon

    This also allows the preferred tenant type to be first to put money down and not suitability. So potentially screwing over a landlord, fleecing tenants and we get the flack. All in all terrible idea

  • icon

    Who is paying tenants for all the agents that don't even show up? Just f*ck off.

  • icon

    Rent rebel, I've never known a letting agent NOT turn up, they are on commision.. Whos' paying you nd who are you ?


    Exactly. Lots of no-shows by viewers. The only time I ever failed to make an appointment was when a lorry load of hat caught fire on the M5 southbound and I was stuck for over two hours.


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