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Rental sector reform plans go MUCH further than just rent controls

Details are beginning to emerge of the measures likely to be imposed on the private rental sector in Scotland as a result of the new political deal about the running of the country.

Headlines over the weekend - when the SNP and Green parties struck their deal to create a solid majority in the Scottish Parliament - concentred on rent controls. But the reality is the rental sector reform goes much further.  

This is what it says in the formal 50-page agreement between the two parties:



We therefore agree, as part of the Rented Sector Strategy to be published by the end of 2021, to deliver a new deal for tenants. This new deal will be developed in consultation, and will:

- create a new housing regulator for the private rented sector to improve standards and enforce tenants’ rights.

- enhance tenants’ rights, including through greater restrictions on evictions over winter, providing additional security for tenants.

- introduce new rights for tenants, for example giving tenants greater flexibility to decorate their home and to keep pets.

- put in place additional penalties and compensation for illegal evictions.

Following the conclusion of the Rented Sector Strategy consultation we will publish a final Rented Sector Strategy and introduce a Housing Bill in the second year of this parliamentary session, to deliver a number of the legislative changes required to implement the Strategy.

We will also implement an effective national system of rent controls, with an appropriate mechanism to allow local authorities to introduce local measures. We will consult on the options, deliver legislation and implement rent controls by the end of 2025.

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    Who would be a landlord in Scotland under President Krankie and her Green friends?


    Who even wants to be a citizen under Krankie?

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    So basically in Scotland…

    *A tenant can move in
    *Give their 28 notice the following day

    In which time they can

    *Decorate the whole house, possibly badly and tasteless.
    *Have a dog, cat, etc in there

    When they move out

    *The deposit may not cover the remedial work, odours and cleaning
    *it’s virtually impossible sometimes to get “anything” back from the Safe Deposit Scheme!

    Why should we do it?

    We have worked extremely hard, saved hard to be responsible and self sufficient in later life and a bunch of socialists are aloud to make rules to control our investments and take more and more money off us.

    Landlords will sell up
    The cost of buying is getting further out of reach for first timers
    Will be stunned if any of the ScotGovs targets for new social housing are met (where are they going to get the cash?)

    The housing problem is going to get a whole lot worse very soon, thank our Scottish Government, out of their depth.

    When’s the next flight to North Korea.

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    Sit back and increase the rent by the maximum permitted every time the law allows, when the tenants moan ask them who they voted for! They voted, they chose and now they get the benefit of their choices

  • Peter  Yednell

    Rent controls have been trued before and don't work to tenants or landlord favour. Supply drys up, decent landlords are forced out. The gov needs to address its laziness on paying housing benefits on property size not value. It's at benefit level where any problems are...


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