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Barking mad? BTR developers are luring private tenants with pet friendly homes 

Build to rent providers are taking the lead against private rental sector homes by advertising developments as pet-friendly. 

Research by furnishings provider Manor Interiors has found that 47 per cent of the build to rent developments actively being listed state that they are pet friendly. 

The company said this is in direct response to increasing frustration felt by tenants as private landlords continually fail to adapt to the UK’s increasing desire to live with furry friends. 


After ‘pet friendly’, the second most common build to rent feature is car parking, a common feature shared by 40 per cent of the developments currently being advertised.  

A third of build to rent developments come with an on-site concierge. 

Farhan Malik, chief executive of Manor Interiors, said:  “Build to rent is increasing in popularity so quickly because it offers a truly modern renting experience. 

“After decades, if not centuries of an unchanged private rental industry, tenants are starting to kick back against the poor standards and inflexibility common among private landlords. 

“It’s clear that the build to rent industry has listened to these renter frustrations and responded by ensuring that their developments cater to the evolving expectations and needs. We see this in the fact that nearly half of build to rent developments are pet friendly, an increasingly common renter demand that private landlords have long refused to engage with.” 

Most common BTR Features in the UK market 


BTR Availability 

Pet friendly 






Free Wi-Fi 


Resident lounge 


On-site gym 


Communal gardens 


No deposit 


Roof terrace 


  • jeremy clarke

    Good, this takes the pressure off ordinary landlords who can continue to choose tenants that best suit the properties that THEY own. Let's see how keen these build to rent guys are after the first tenants move out leaving behind that familiar wet dog smell!


    This is always going to be a polarising issue. From a tenant's perspective, they are paying for a service (a home) and should be free to have their entire family live there provided they are paying for the level of service. The sad situation is that many landlords have the attitude that the world owes them a living from their choice to invest in property, and judging by the way they treat tenants, they would much rather take the money than provide value for the extortionate amount of money some charge...

  • Theodor Cable

    Now that is a load of total rubbish. And it shows there is no understanding of market pressures.

    Renting a property or properties is a full time job, that needs paypent as market forces demand.
    Same as any other product.

  • Roger  Mellie

    I'm presuming these BTR's will be on the Isle of Dogs? I once knew a dog who ate garlic and drank red wine, he was a Bordeaux Collie, his bark was worse than his bite. If anyone wants to find out more about renting with pets, I can give them a couple of Pointers. I'm here all week people.

  • icon

    This is just another pie in the sky sales pitch. You dont make anything out of renting property, maintenance and service costs are too high. Only the appreciation of the property value is worth anything. Checkout what the housing associations and councils spend. One reason why Thatcher wanted to dump council houses was that the maintenace costs were so high, much greater than the rent.


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