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Pets In Lets come one step closer with pledge of 'new solutions'

A suite of new ‘pet-let’ products is to be offered by The Lettings Hub, which already has some 1,000-plus agents on its books.

The new offer comes as a result of The Lettings Hub snapping up PetsScore, a pet referencing company that operates in both the short and long-term rental markets.

The acquisition comes as interest in pet-friendly accommodation outweighs other areas of growth - at least according to The Lettings Hub -  with demand for pet-friendly property up 120 per cent in 2021 compared to the previous year. 


Chief executive Heidi Shackell says: “3.2m households have acquired a pet since the start of the pandemic, with 59 per cent of new owners aged 16 to 34 years old, so it’s common sense that we’ll see this translate more and more into the rental market and tenants’ needs. Getting a pet is a long-term responsibility, and we are seeing the ‘pet issue’ gain momentum at government level too.”

She says her company is working on “solutions” that give those landlords and letting agents that already allow, or want to consider pets, additional information, and protection to make informed decisions. 


“Some landlords and letting agents have previously had bad experiences with pets in property or are not keen to take an ‘unnecessary’ risk when there are so many tenants queuing for each property right now. Others will continue to rely on deposits or higher rents to offset the risk of pets” she admits. 

But she continues: “We also believe a significant section of the market are looking towards newer solutions, focused on better due diligence and increased protection for landlords, whilst providing tenants with a valuable tool to overcome objections and encourage more long-term lets. PetsScore forms a key part of the total digital pet package we are developing, and we’re excited to have completed this acquisition as an important step towards achieving that.” 

PetsScore founder Natasha Homer-Earley adds: “Pet ownership is at an all-time high, getting on the property ladder has never been further out of reach for millions and there is a chasm between the availability of pet-friendly rental properties and the overwhelming demand for them.”

  • jeremy clarke

    As we have found, even well behaved dogs leave houses smelling awful, a smell that no amount of cleaning eradicates. The only solution is replacing carpets, curtains and redecoration, that's a good enough reason to say no at the outset. Not yet met a dog owner happy to absorb those costs!

  • Carlo Rappa

    I love dogs.
    But i am sorry this is business not charity so landlord decide not the community.
    Adding a pet in the Dwellings leaves a stench no matter how much you clean, wash of change the entire house!
    In addition "think tankers" fail to understand that the next tenant might be allegerc and no matter what, they will "feel" it.
    Love pet in my own house butbnot on those that i do business.

  • Angus Shield

    Ha ha, a case of the 'tail wagging the dog'.
    I rent a house with parking for one car (as clearly advertised), I buy a second and then force the landlord to accommodate my right to freedom, transport, an extra car....
    I rent a flat (advertised no pets), then buy a dog (pet restrictions in covenants for noise, nuisance, no garden/communal garden to poo in) then force both my Lessee/Landlord and Freeholder to accommodate my need and justify this to fellow lessees....
    We are now receiving requests (read 'rightful demands') for charging points....!

  • icon

    I have let a cat in a flat and a dog in a house. You would not know either had been there. I later sold the house without having to do any cleaning since the tenant left it in an immaculate condition. I do understand the fear by landlords, but if the property is suitable or pets, you should have a steady flow of tenants with pets. While, thanks to the Government, we cannot load a deposit because of pets, we can increase the rent.

    Two of my flats do not permit pets because of a head lease clause and that is clearly stated on all adverts yet we still have applicants asking if we permit pets. For tenants with pets it is hard to find somewhere and they are willing to pay premium rents to keep their pets. Landlords who can accommodate pets have an opportunity to achieve higher than average rents.

  • The Lettings Hub

    Thanks for the comments, it's always interesting to see the spectrum of views on this subject which we know provokes debate in the market. We understand that many landlords do not like the idea of letting to a tenant with pets, for all of the reasons that have been understandably mentioned by the commenters above. For those that do consider pets however, the solutions we are developing aim to give them greater protection. We want to provide landlords with more information on the pets they are accepting into their properties, as well as offering insurance products that will help to rectify any mishaps should they happen. Currently landlords have a choice about whether to accept pets or not, but the Government plans to reintroduce its “pets in lets” bill later this year which, if passed, will leave landlords legally unable to refuse a reasonable request to have a pet. We are building a proposition now that will at least give landlords some reasonable protections that are fair to both parties in anticipation of this legislative change.

  • Matthew Payne

    I hope the Lettings Hub didnt pay much for it. Pet "referencing" that isnt a gimic designed to make some quick cash on the Proptech gravy train is not possible. Never has been, never will be.


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