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Labour's plans for private renting - if it wins the next election

Shadow housing minister Lisa Nandy has unveiled a Charter for Renters which she says will be implemented within 100 days of Labour winning a General Election.

Labour - currently running well ahead of the Conservatives in multiple opinion polls - says it will implement many of the policies put forward in the controversial Fairer Private Rented Sector White Paper - a product of the Johnson Conservative government - but will also go much further in giving additional powers to tenants.

Nandy pledges Labour will:


- End Section 21 evictions;

- Reduce eviction powers for landlords whose tenants are in arrears;  

- Introduce four month notice periods;

- Examine scheme for ‘portable’ deposits making it easier for tenants to switch properties;

- Allow tenants to have pets;

- Permit renters to make ”reasonable alterations to a property”;

- Create a national register of landlords;

- Initiate a legally-binding decent homes standard in the private rental sector.


Nandy is telling Labour delegates to the party’s conference in Liverpool: “For private renters we will tilt the balance of power back to you through a powerful new renters’ charter and a new decent homes standard – written into law.

"Because security in your home, the right to make your home your own, and most of all the right to live in a home that isn't cold, mouldy, damp and unfit for human habitation, is a fundamental right.

"The Tories have turned housing into a racket. They started under Thatcher and now they've come back to finish the job. "Incentivising speculation and profiteering while millions languish on waiting lists in cold damp homes."

However, despite the “100 days” pledge to take action, it is likely that should Labour win the next General Election the process will actually take some considerable time longer.

Nandy’s team have told the Mirror newspaper that there would first be a White Paper and then a statutory consultation period, before legislation would be introduced to Parliament.

  • jeremy clarke

    The way things are going with truss and kamikaze, perhaps we as agents, landlords and our various organisations ought to start negotiations with liebor now rather than waiting until they have the keys to number 10?

  • icon

    With those proposals, the property will no longer belong to the landlord. If Labour look like winning landlords will, with any sense, sell up.


    That is the Marxist idea - transfer of ownership.


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