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Buy To Let has grown massively in recent years - new statistics

Government data shows that as of 2022 some 15.29 per cent of homes in England are privately rented, with 14.9 per cent in Scotland and 14.0 per cent in both Wales and Northern Ireland. 

London is the location with the most rented homes, with 20.81 per cent. The North East of England has the least, with 13.27 per cent.

An analysis of this data and separate figures by the Financial Conduct Authority by Confused.com shows that by the end of last year the total value of the buy-to-let mortgage market stood at £41.3 billion. The market has grown by 88 per cent compared to 2013.


Blackpool has the smallest rent-to-house price ratio, at 1:237, while the Cotswolds has the biggest, at 1:538. The rent-to-house price ratio is calculated by dividing the average house price (from the UK House Price Index) by the average monthly rent (from the Office for National Statistics).

According to the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, most rental properties are terraced houses (46.1 per cent) or purpose-built flats or maisonettes (38.7 per cent).

England’s landlord population is primarily dominated by private individuals, representing 93.7 per cent of the country’s landlords. Companies comprise just 4.7 per cent, and a mixture of private and companies forms 1.0 per cent. 

Regarding portfolio size, 43 per cent have only one property, while 39.3 per cent have between two and four properties. Landlords with a portfolio size of five properties or more make up less than a fifth of the total.

Separate surveys suggest that over the next two years, most landlords plan to keep their number of properties the same. Many who want to decrease their portfolio or leave the sector attribute their decision to recent and forthcoming legislative changes. 

For both new and existing tenancies, more landlords increased the rent (45.5 and 26.4 per cent respectively) than those who kept the rent the same or decreased it. 

As of 2022, the total gross advances (new mortgage loans given to borrowers) amounted to £322.5 billion. Of this total, buy-to-let mortgages made up 12.8 per cent.

However, most of the mortgage market is still dominated by mortgages for owner-occupied properties – this makes up over three quarters (87.2 per cent). The actual value of the buy-to-let mortgages equates to approximately £41.3 billion, showing a significant level of investment in buy-to-let.

Compliance with legal requirements is high, with smoke alarms on each floor in 98.8 per cent of properties and electrical installation checks by a qualified tester in 91.4 per cent of cases.

The analysis is lengthy and comprehensive, and can be found here.

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    A confusing mush of information. It mashes together buy to let mortgage data, with housing data, and completely confuses the two. I have read the report and it’s incorrect.

    For example, 15% of dwellings are not privately rented, it’s around 20%. You only need to read the census to confirm this. All of the other data is available at its sources, rather than in a report like this which is nonsense

  • Fed Up Landlord

    Selective government statistical propaganda to prove the PRS is thriving under a conservative government.

    Yep. That's why there's 25 tenants after each property.

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    Everywhere is in need of more rental homes we all know this including the Government and all those people that cannot get anywhere to rent if which ever Government gets in doesn't support the decent Landlords then it doesn't matter what figures they put we will still have more and more people without homes so put things back to the way they where for Landlords then I for one will buy more Properties for families to live in and make their home by the way I work 2 jobs and pay towards each of my 4 Properties every month but know there is 4 family's that are in decent homes along with many more of the decent Landlords out there that often seem to be punished for the Bad ones

  • icon

    PRS is finished. At some point due to a total lack of respect nowadays for a rental propert, rent will stop, the property will be trashed, it will cost a fotune in solicitors fees to evict with no sec 21 ans it was not easy even with sec 21. So there you are not sleeping at night, stressed out, arguing with your partner. Investing the money will take a weight of your sholders. So when you don't take any notice of this and it happens because as sure as night follows day it will, don't expect any sympathy from me

  • Matthew Payne

    All that growth would have been 2013-2016 before George Osborne chucked his hand grenades in, the CGT figures shows the actual net decline we know all since and the next published ones will see the biggest withdrawal of landlords since it all started in the 90s. Not sure what this rose tinted article is trying to achieve.


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