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New Rental Listings Portal designed to by-pass letting agents

A new rental property listings platform - called Krispyhouse - can completely by-pass letting agents.

It describes itself as a ‘dating service’ for tenants and landlords, delivering what it describes as “instant connectivity” which “removes clunky communication to help tenants find properties and landlords to fill them.”

It will operate only in London via an app, offering direct messaging, video and voice calling.


The creators claim this plays to the 72 per cent of 20 to 40-year-olds who it believes prefer text-based communication.   

Krispyhouse allows tenants to upload personal details and requirements for free, and notifies them when a property becomes available. Following expressions of interest, the tenant and the landlord can quickly connect.

Chief executive Anthony Kyriacou says he came up with the idea when he himself was an estate agent. He says services like Rightmove and Zoopla are successful in showcasing properties, they not satisfy the fundamental requirement of today’s fast-paced market: instantaneous communication.  

The launch statement is vague on exact pricing, saying it is free but ”transitioning into a lower scalable charge of £100 per month” which grants individuals letting properties full access to a CRM system, instant communication, and unlimited advertising. 

Krispyhouse has now started a funding round and Kyriacou says: “People are time poor these days, so a rental property site that can provide a streamlined user experience is crucial. Krispyhouse allows renters, landlords and estate agents to ‘get a move on’, with an easier and quicker way to manage housing communications”

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    Another game changer? Gone by Christmas.

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    • Dwin
    • 17 October 2023 08:12 AM

    But OPENRENT does this. I get instant alerts from interested tenant. I can either chose portal comms or talk direct after I have read their tenant profile. Can't see the added value of the 'dating' system plus the traffic through OR is high due to very high awareness from tenants

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    • S S
    • 17 October 2023 13:24 PM

    Headline - new portal designed to bypass agents!
    last sentence "Krispyhouse allows renters, landlords and estate agents " which one is it?

    A good letting agent is more than just a portal.

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    Whatever next!? the process is pretty quick already

    1. Send enquiry to Agent
    2. sometimes you can get automatic, response or registration immediately
    3. Or the agent will call you back the next day

    If people are too lazy to go through the process, then they may be too lazy to pay their rent…


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