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Many renters will be Home Alone this Christmas

A survey suggests that a third of UK tenants who plan to spend Christmas in their rental property will be alone. 

A survey of 1,220 UK tenants who celebrate Christmas found that 40 per cent live on their own in their rental property, while 55 per cent live with a significant other or family, with four per cent living with housemates and one per cent living directly with their landlord.

Some 75 per cent of those surveyed stated that they will be spending Christmas in their rental property this year. 


Of those, 67 per cent will be spending the festive period with those they shared their rental property with: the rest will be alone.

Of the one third alone, some 34 per cent say they prefer it hat way. However, around one in 10 also stated that it made them feel lonely, depressed and sad. 

The survey was commissioned by Zero Deposit.


  • Barry X


    ....and owner-occupiers, elderly widowers, people with one or more amputations..... what relevant, news-worthy, revelations about *their* plans for Christmas have Zero Deposit discovered about them..... also probably none!

    Could all this pointless waffle just be an excuse, perhaps, to bandy their name about... yet another advert masquerading as an article?

  • icon

    Shelter’s next campaign: landlords must make sure their tenants are not lonely.

    Barry X

    ....plus allow them at least a few months rent free to cover the high costs that only hard-working "renters" (who deserve unlimited concessions for everything) face over this difficult and lonely period, particularly if they "have to" organise a series of expensive parties for all thier friends over the "holiday season" in our rental properties....

    Yeah, right.


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