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Build To Rent operator plays the ‘pets in lets’ card

Two thirds of pet owning tenants have faced challenges finding a place to rent - at least according to a survey by a Build To Rent operator that boasts of accepting cats and dogs.

The poll, conducted by Greystar - which calls itself “the global leader in rental housing” - claims that one in 14 pet owners have lied to a landlord in order to secure a rental property whilst, one in 20 has given up a pet in order to rent a home. 

And Greystar claims 70 per cent would be willing to pay extra for a pet-friendly rental property, with one-in-four willing to stretch to £100 per month more.


Whilst the situation for pet-owning renters appears to be improving, with 48 per cent reporting they have found it easier to find pet-friendly accommodation in the past few years, 99 per cent apparently believe more landlords and rental buildings should allow pets. 

A spokesperson for Greystar says: "For many renters, pets aren’t simply animals; they’re a member of the family - and it’s heartbreaking to learn that many renters have even been forced to give up their beloved pets in the past due to restrictive rental agreements.”

Over two-thirds of pet owners polled cited access to green space in the local area as the most important factor when choosing a rental property, with factors such as proximity to like-minded pet owners (36 per cent) and specific facilities specifically for pets (33 per cent) also rated highly.  

  • icon

    It's a typical case of one bad apple. So many Landlords have been stung by the irresponsible pet owners, the ones who let the dog bark and wee on the floor, the cats scratch the furniture and wee and spray everywhere. The garden gets ruined, the doors get damaged, the carpets and underlay need replacing... And because the cost of doing that far outstrips the deposit, they make the decision not to allow pets. Although I have had one Landlord refuse someone with spiders, as she has arachnophobia and would never be able to go in there again in fear that one had escaped and laid eggs. IT's not a rational thought, but I can see where she is coming from. She was happy to rent to the person with the lizards though.
    Many of mine will consider a pet, but they put the rent up before we market in the knowledge it probably will go to a pet owner. We used to take a deposit and have a clause that they had to clean/get the carpets cleaned with a proper anti-bacterial fluid and do a flea treatment, but we can't do that now...

  • Roger  Mellie

    Graystar has the power to set the lawyers on you for pet damage and losses arising from it, so, of course, they don't mind. Extra cash in the global wealth fund, and bigger bonuses for the top dogs (Excuse the pun)


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