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 Law Society speaks out about Section 21 evictions

Housing legal aid is increasingly out of reach for tenants who need help, the Law Society of England and Wales claims. 

Quarterly statistics from the Ministry of Justice for April to June 2023, show that mortgage possession claims increased by 15 per wand landlord possessions increased 24 per cent compared to the same quarter last year.

All landlord possession actions, including eviction orders, have increased compared to the same quarter in 2022. 


Thirty-three per cent of all landlord possession claims were social landlord claims and 32 per cent were private landlord claims.

The society says that with rising evictions and repossessions, housing legal aid must be available for those who cannot afford legal help.

Law Society President Lubna Shuja comments: “We have long voiced our concern about the lack of housing legal aid.

“The increasing cost-of-living and rising interest rates have heavily impacted people’s ability to afford their homes, so it is critical people are able to access legal help for their housing issues.

“Yet our research has found that 25.3m people - 42 per cent - do not have a local legal aid provider for housing advice. More and more firms can no longer afford to offer this service, as legal aid rates have decreased by almost 50 per cent since 1996.

“We are pleased the government recently launched the Housing Loss Prevention Advice Service which provides free, non-means tested legal advice to vulnerable families facing eviction or repossession. However, without providers there to do the work this service will not be effective.

“The government has been unable to find providers for their HLPAS scheme in several major cities, notably Liverpool and Hull.***

“Without easy access to providers, the scheme does little to help people at risk of losing their homes. And with increasing demand, the few providers remaining will not have the capacity to take on new clients.

“Furthermore, families can only access this early legal advice service once a landlord or mortgage lender has given notice of intention to pursue repossession – leaving many already on the backfoot and in desperate need of advice.

“It is unacceptable that housing legal aid is not available for many people facing eviction or repossession. There must be immediate investment in housing legal aid to help people stay in their homes."

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    Lawyers wanting more legal aid. What a surprise said nobody.

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    Alcoholics are concerned not enough being done to make drink more available !

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    why I decided to come off the Solicitors Roll

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    Encapsulates exactly why the I decided to come off the Solicitors Roll!


    what do you mean?

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    I bet she's a dodgy immigration lawyer too. Trying to help shysters work the system at taxpayers expense.

    There should be no taxpayer funded legal aid to any tenant who is contesting the landlords contractual right to terminate a Tenancy in accordance with the terms of the tenancy agreement which the tenant has signed.
    Neither should legal aid be available to a tenant who has not paid rent or has also breached his tenancy agreement by other nefarious activities.

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    She’s quite right to be concerned: the lack of legal aid lawyers is slowing down the evolution of the parasite paradise which this country is heading for. But don’t worry: eventually no tenant will pay rent and all tenants will be able to wreck your house with impunity. And if they are sexually frustrated they will be entitled to have your daughter or wife or you and they must not be stopped without a court order. You must also let them buy food on your account and give them your credit card. Of course, for all this The Uk will need to seek aid from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Africa, etc. They can send us cheap rice and agree to take in British refugees too. Rule Shitania!!

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    Parasite paradise love it
    I have a truly brilliant idea once the legal aid lawyer has completed their brief , they send their invoice to the legal aid fund , in the interests of empowerment and inclusivity the money is paid to the tenant direct who then pays the lawyer. OR ! doesn't pay the lawyer if the mood takes them,
    After all rent payment is optional at the discretion of the tenant
    So clearly on that basis the payment of lawyers fees should be optional at the discretion of the tenant
    That is only fair and I am sure these caring lawyers who are only concerned for the rights of tenants will be happy to except that tenants have the right to chose who they pay in all circumstances

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    Good point! How did I miss that?
    Perhaps those tenants could also be invited to sojourn in the homes of their backers. I hear Gove and Rishibabe have plenty of space plus the odd heated pool in case they need to wash!

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    Not sure about heated pool
    In the "Research" from the totally non political RESOLUTION FOUNDATION it has been found that low income tenants and ethnic minorities are at severe risk of overheating due to climate change ,and they are lobbying government to bring in new regulation to force landlords to install air conditioning and other measures to insure these poor tenants do not have to endure these unacceptable conditions


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