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Foot Off The Gas - boiler ban deadline may be eased

The Times is reporting that a delay to the controversial ban on gas boilers is being considered by the government as it tones down its Net Zero commitments.

A Downing Street source told the newspaper that there was an “evolving conversation” on different  policies, including the gas boiler ban. The current target is for no gas boilers to be installed in new homes by 2025, and for the phasing out of boilers altogether to begin in 2033.

Housing Secretary Michael Gove is reported to have said that homeowners and landlords must be given more time to get rid of gas boilers and warns that a backlash if there’s a dramatic push on expensive and less popular alternatives, such as heat pumps.


In comments echoing those he made some months ago about stricter energy efficiency targets for rental properties, Gove is reported to have said the Government should “ease off”, and give owners longer to switch away from gas heating.

“It is certainly the case that phasing out gas boilers and at the moment moving towards heat pumps does impose costs” Gove said, and that he was “looking at how we can mitigate the impact on individuals”.

Early in 2023 Propertymark said it was unclear how landlords could possibly afford the energy efficiency improvements demanded - stricter EPC ratings and the gas boiler ban - without substantial government funding.

Timothy Douglas, head of policy and campaigns at Propertymark, says: “We are disappointed that support remains unclear for existing homeowners and landlords in order to meet these standards and cover the large cost in doing so, as for many, this is unachievable without an incentive package.”

  • icon

    It's indeed a large cost. In Germany where I used to live, many people refused that transition because the state wasn't ready to pitch in. I think a real program has to be created to inform and support homeowners.

  • Fed Up Landlord

    Good to see the race towards Nut Zero and energy insecurity is faltering. Volts make Votes.

  • Matthew Payne

    These dates were always going to be relaxed, this green revolution is on a scale not seen since the introduction of the railways. We have no replacement for gas boilers currently, (forget heat pumps, complete red herring) and the transition when we do is going to take at least 25 years, you cant make 20 million electric or hydrogen boilers in much less time, less alone fit them, ditto the hydrogen tanks, or ditto the nuclear power stations required to power it all. Wont see it come online in my lifetime.


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