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MPs turn on Airbnb and other short lets

Prominent MPs from the Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties have renewed their onslaught on Airbnb and other short let platforms. 

Former Lib Dem leader Tim Farron, a Lake District MP and long-time campaigner about what he sees as the detrimental impact of short lets, told MPs in a debate: “The government have failed to act to counter the collapse of the long-term rented market into Airbnb properties. We have seen an eviction — a Lakeland clearance — of local people who could work not just in hospitality and tourism but in care, education, health and other sectors. The government promised to bring in a separate category of planning use for short-term lets, but they have failed to do so and have let my community down in the process.”

In the same debate a Tory MP from Cornwall, Steve Double, told government minister Nigel Huddleston: “On the housing issue, one thing that the Treasury could do is level the tax playing field on the tax breaks between short-term holiday lets and residential properties. That would make a significant difference and would really help. Perhaps the minister will take that message back.”


Huddleston told both MPs that the government was listening and open to new suggestions on how restricting holiday lets and specifically short lets may help the overall housing situation in tourist hotspots.

Specifically addressing Farron’s point, Huddleston said: “He was right to raise the issue of holiday lettings. I understand that he is disappointed with some of the measures that we have brought in, although some of those measures will make a real difference, including the ability to charge more for some rental properties. All I can say is that we are well aware of some of the additional lobbying for proposed changes and, again, that we are always open to further ideas.”

Last year the government conducted a consultation on a registration scheme and new planning requirements for short term lets in England. Short let groups, through their trade body the STAA, are calling for a registration scheme for all hotel and lodging operators, which would provide the basis for any future hospitality tourism tax. 

The short term rental sector contributed £27.7 billion to the UK economy in 2021, directly supporting 94,000 jobs, according to a study by Oxford Economics. 

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    I heard Tim Farron speaking about the PRS a year or so back. He seemed to be absolutely clueless, but of course he's a politician so that's not surprising.

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    Why - just WHY ARE THEY INTERFERING AGAIN!!!! There is an obvious demand for this type of rented property - why do the clueless Westminster muppets think that they should try to stop this type of let !!!!!!!??????


    They interfere because they believe they must be seen to be doing something. 🤔

    They are like the traffic lights on a busy roundabout near me. Queues of traffic waiting to join the roundabout. One day they failed and were out of action for several days. The result? No queues. 😂


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