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No Rent Controls! Propertymark’s plea to leading politician

Propertymark has issued a no-holds-barred plea to the politician who has been named as the new housing minister in Wales - no rent controls!

Julie James, who was housing chief in the former Welsh government led by Mark Drakeford, has taken up the role again in the new government led by first minister Vaughan Gething.

She was also in the administration when it considered rent controls as a possible measure put forward by the Welsh national party Plaid Cymru, which shares a looks alliance with Labour in the Welsh Government.


Now Timothy Douglas, Head of Policy and Campaigns at Propertymark, says: “Propertymark welcomes the appointment of Julie James within the reinstated role of Housing Minister, and we are proactively seeking to arrange an initial meeting to help address future challenges across the housing sector in Wales. We are looking forward to building on our positive relationship with the Minister and championing the role of property agents to the Welsh Government.

“We are pleased to see the reinstatement of a ministerial position with a dedicated remit concerning housing and have long advocated the need for this to be a devoted role given the magnitude of challenges that lie ahead in Wales. We are also pleased to see that Julie James continues in her housing role to ensure continuity. 

“However, Julie James must use this opportunity to listen to concerns from the property industry and to end the prospect of rent controls in Wales. The Minister must also work across government to increase housing supply by reviewing Land Transaction Tax on additional properties and support for the sector to decarbonise. 

“In addition, a key priority must also include Propertymark’s long-term call for a Welsh Housing Survey to help gather better insight for evidence-based policy making going forward.”

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    As a corporate landlord in Wales I can confirm that we have reduced our residential portion of the portfolio from 89% in 2018 to 45% in 2024. We are proactive in protecting our investment and interests against aggressive left wing policies to reduce our property rights. As soon as rent control was mentioned we actively increased our rents across the entire residential range. The commercial parts are negotiated tenant by tenant and there is very limited local authority involvement. When I have been in discussions with Welsh Assembly representatives it shocks me to hear how little they understand or are even interested in any form of private enterprise. Not surprised though when the government funds your lifestyle and gold plated pension. Eventually though the left wing Labour and plaid coalition will run out of other people’s money.


    Champagne Socialist the lot of them!


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