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Tenant awareness of Renters Reform Bill very low, says charity

The substantial majority of tenants are completely unaware of the Renters Reform Bill, it’s been alleged.

A survey of over 2,000 private renters conducted by the TDS Charitable Foundation, which works to advance education about housing rights and obligations in the private rented sector, shows that more than four out of five tenants are unaware of the Bill and its contents.

The Bill contains controversial measures such as ending section 21 evictions, duplication the social housing sector’s decent homes standard in the private sector, and creating a new Ombudsman for private landlords. 


The foundation says that while awareness of the proposed reforms has increased by 27 per cent over the last 12 months, a substantial 83 per cent of tenants still remain unaware of the Bill and its proposals. This was despite 69 per cent of respondents saying that reform of the sector was long overdue.

Following an explanation of the details of the Bill, 61 per cent apparently agreed that it will improve tenant rights.

On the proposed removal of section 21 evictions, 60 per cent agreed that this would provide more security and stability, and 40 per cent said it would make them more inclined to engage with the new Ombudsman for private landlords. However, 40 per cent of tenants did not agree that removing section 21 would contribute to a feeling of increased stability or were undecided on this matter.

A significant portion of tenants were pessimistic about whether the reforms would be implemented or bring about tangible change. 42 per cent of respondents said the Bill would change very little about the sector, and 37 per cent said they do not believe it will be implemented.

Dr Jennifer Harris, Head of Policy and Research at TDS Group, says: “The Bill represents the biggest set of changes to the rental market for over 30 years. Given this, it is worrying that so many tenants are unaware of what it is and what it seeks to achieve.

“It is vital that tenants feel able to challenge the minority of landlords failing to provide safe housing or a good enough service. This can only be achieved by ensuring renters understand the changes being made and are confident that they will help them to do so.

“The TDS Foundation will continue to work to ensure tenants fully understand and make use of their rights to ensure the Bill works. “

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    Another “charity” having a go at landlords. Just think how well off the country would be if these charities paid taxes like the businesses they are. 🤔

    Tenants would be HORRIFIED if the facts of the RRB were explained to them and they understood that this was the driving force behind the increase in rents and reduction of available properties.😠


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