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Angry tenant groups slam Renters Reform Bill changes

Tenant groups and charities reacted angrily over the Easter weekend to the proposed changes to the Renters Reform Bill being advocated by the government.

Polly Neate, chief executive of Shelter, said: “It’s cowardly that the government would rather betray renters than stand up to a minority of MPs hell-bent on browbeating them into watering down the Renters Reform Bill.”

Crisis chief executive Matt Downie says the Bill does improve prevention measures on homelessness but must do more to protect tenants and support responsible landlords. He comments: “There has been positive movement on homelessness prevention measures in this bill, which would see households still being supported after eviction, which we very much welcome. But with the Bill still not published and continued uncertainty over ending no-fault evictions, this situation continues to cause anxiety for millions of renters across the country.”


And Ben Twomey, chief executive of Generation Rent, adds: “Instead of appeasing a few landlords, the government should focus on preventing homelessness. The best ways to do this would be to give renters four months notice rather than two when we are evicted, while making sure we can’t be kicked out within the first two years of a tenancy if we stick to the rules.”

At the start of the Easter weekend the government told Conservative MPs that the amendments it would table to the Bill when it returns to the Commons would include:

- Accepting a proposal by the cross-party housing select committee that when fixed term tenancy agreements end, “tenants be unable to give two months’ notice to leave until they have been in a property for at least four months";

- Reviewing the operation of the courts before ending section 21 for existing tenancies to ensure the justice system can cope with the increased workload;

- Ensuring all types of student housing, including one and two bed properties, are covered by the planned ground for possession to protect the annual cycle of the student housing market. This will ensure landlords can guarantee to prospective students that properties will be available to rent from the start of each academic year;

- Reviewing the need for local authority licensing schemes in light of the proposed property portal, an idea contained in the Renters Reform Bill.

A government spokesperson states: “Our landmark Renters Reform Bill will deliver a fairer private rented sector for both tenants and landlords. It will abolish section 21 evictions – giving people more security in their homes and empowering them to challenge poor practices.”

The Bill will return to the Commons in just under a fortnight’s time.

  • Hit Man

    Polly Neate should buy to Let and see how that goes.

  • icon

    Twomey, Polly Bleat and Crisis have all contributed to the reduction of rental properties which has resulted in large rent increases for those landlords who have not sold up. I thank them. 😉

    Whether the people they claim to represent will thank them is another matter. Polly Bleat and her falsely named charity, have never sheltered anyone.😡 Generation Rant, just rant at landlords because they will never own their own homes. 😠 Crisis at least do some good. Well your constant attacks on and demonising of landlords is working. Landlords are selling up and guess what, the properties are mostly purchased by owner occupiers. Congratulations! 😂

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    October this year and I am out for good 👍

  • icon

    They're raging about... accepting a proposal that tenancies should last at least six months...
    ...making sure the court system doesn't explode, which it immediately would if the bill went ahead as planned...
    ... exclude students from being able to squat in properties forever...
    ... and revisit the ludicrous £1000+ licences being charged by some areas to do nothing more than pad out their paychecks.

    Where exactly is the issue here? I'm sure actual industry experts would go way further to change this bill than the government have done. Clueless twitter quote factories are doing nothing to actually fix the supply shortage.

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    I just don't understand why the media chooses to bash the landlords. On the whole, the existing laws well serve the tenants, if they only knew them.
    All the laws have been about raising standards - which will force many landlords out, and any new one to abide by them. At the same time, profitability takes a nose-dive, and there's already a shortage of landlords, and a shortage of housing in general. Nice one 'gov! Make the problem worse, whilst claiming to be solving it. At least they had the sense to ask if the court system would be ready for such a change as abolishing section 21, which we all know has been abused in many cases.


    Bashing landlords sells newspapers.

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    Who they gonna bash when we’ve all gone, each other hopefully

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    Comrade Gove is a Murdoch man !


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