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I have 3 children, 2 are currently students and one has just started working as a doctor!!! The quality of some student accommodation is utterly appalling, yet those LL also want top dollar and look to rip off students when leaving the property - we had photographic evidence that their student house was left in a cleaner and tidier state than at the start but the agents (corporate company - part of CW) managed to find £1600 worth of "cleaning" - including the hob/oven/extractor - which i personally cleaned and it was left better than at the start. Yes - I threatened TDS and surprisingly all the charges and damages suddenly were resolved! Another agent even tried charged for cleaning 4 carpets in the house....there were only 2 and they were cheap old carpets that could not even be cleaned professionally. Due to a leak, when they moved into the property, there was a huge hole in the hallway wall - no bothered telling them, and that took another 4 months to be resolved - (without any discount in rent, and they had to pay for the electricity to try and dry the wall out) - That would not have happened if a "family" had been renting the house - and the students were paying around £400/500 more per month than the house would have achieved as a family rental (having said that the quality of the fittings were so poor, a family probably would not have even considered the property) . I know a number of LL who rent to students but provide good clean high quality accommodation - surprisingly they have no problems. Why people have to act as if all students are bad, i don't understand. If you provide cheap, nasty and poor accommodation then of course no one will respect it, but provide good quality accommodation and the majority of students will respect it. There will always be a minority that don't but that is the case in all walks of life. LL of student properties could not rent the same properties out to a family and achieve the same level of rent, so yes there will be more turnover of furnishings, maybe higher level of maintenance but as a LL you will be getting a higher return. But please stop the constant berating of students - they have to accumulate a tremendous amount of debt to go to university these days - around £18,000 per year, they have to sign up for year long tenancies 9 months in advance including until last year often paying 2 months deposit - (who else has to do that?) and yet they often only live in the properties for less than 9 months - perhaps as little as 7 months. If LL want higher returns than a traditional family let, students are the cash cow - but expect higher costs and remember that provide poor accommodation why should the tenants respect you - you obviously don't respect them.

From: S S 19 February 2021 09:43 AM

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