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Agents mocked in provocative Shelter video

Campaigning charity Shelter is accusing some letting agents of “cutting corners” and has produced a provocative and satirical video showing a fake agent.

In a push before tomorrow’s Queen’s Speech - in which it is widely expected the government will announce a timetable for rental reform - the charity has released a video produced by a ‘creative agency’. 

The video shows the fake Only Choice Lettings in which an agent, played by comedian Rory Marshall, relentlessly tries to let properties to prospective tenants. 


At first glance, the listings look like a good deal but as the agent shares more detail the customers feign shock at what they see and hear. 

In a statement launching the video, Shelter’s chief executive Polly Neate says: “Landlords and letting agents have got away with cutting corners for far too long because renters are powerless to challenge them. Tenants are sick of paying through the nose for terrible rentals because they have no other choice.

“Every day our frontline services hear from renters stuck living in nightmare situations, too scared to complain for fear they’ll be kicked out. No-one should be stuck living in mouldy homes that make them ill or have to put up with landlords who turn up unannounced.

“Private renting is broken and the only way to fix it is by strengthening tenants’ rights so they can stand up to bad landlords and challenge poor conditions. The government must keep its promise by introducing a Renters’ Reform Bill this year that will scrap ‘no fault’ evictions and bring in a national landlord register. It’s the only way to transform private renting for good.”

You can see the video below.

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    Business masking as charity with market rate paid CEO’s have got away with this charade for long enough. Maybe a film or video explaining where the funds come from and how they are used with regards to Shelter is long overdue. Shelter the charity (business) that houses no one.

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    Polly Bleat talking rubbish as usual. At least she is balanced with a chip on each shoulder. How does she get away with it?

  • Roger  Mellie

    As usual Shelter has taken the tip of the iceberg and coated us all in its toxic excrement. I'm all for making sure rentals are done properly, I don't think any reasonably competent agent would work on behalf of a landlord with those attitudes.

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    Hmmm; so they have 'typified' and negotiator/letting agent with his manner, clothing, etc.
    Now if we portrayed a minority person/group, gay person, vegetarian, black person, etc in similar 'comedic terms' we would be had for all manner of discrimination!


    I typify Polly Bleat as a sheep. Baaa-ing to all the sheep that follow her and her increasingly absurd outpourings. If the PRS was as bad as she continually claims, there would be marches on Downing Street.

    Shelter provides housing for one person. Polly Bleat.

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    • S S
    • 09 May 2022 09:44 AM

    Makes me mad - there is no mention in that "advert" of how a tenant can protect themselves by choosing a professionally qualified letting agent. A good independent letting agent ensure staff are professionally trained and spend a lot of money every year complying with all the numerous legal regulations - A good professional agent would not work with LL who disregard the law. Shame on Shelter for not advising tenants how to protect themselves - if they were on the tenants side - they would be pushing that message - Use professionally qualified agent who are registered with a redress scheme.

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    Government propaganda landlord bashing before government puts the boot in.

  • girish mehta

    Tenent have choice if they want to live in particular property. They can always move. If they can’t find the property then their expectations is high and need to live in real world or buy their own property. Don’t expect freebies from landlords.

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    I have just wasted two minutes of my life watching this rap, WITH A SILENT C.

    Polly Bleat is certifiable and a liar! I challenge her to prove that ANY letting agent acts like this. All this proves is that Polly is a nutter who will lie through her teeth to increase her income.

  • jeremy clarke

    An absolute disgrace that a publicly funded organisation such as shelter can produce such a one-sided video. No balance, no mention of where to find good agents/landlords just the usual spouted by polly and the rest of her sheep. Government could fund something useful rather than tipping money into this disgrace of an organisation!


    I have just emailed my MP about this. Perhaps everyone should do that instead of just posting on here.


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