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Ray Reddington
This is a well intentioned Petition that will undoubtedly receive support from Private Landlords. It must however be set to fail for a number of reasons; the argument is flawed. The issue is not the rating but how the properties are assessed when for example, heating is taken into account. Gas central heating is set to removed from new build in 2025 and yet it helps a property achieve a higher rating than modern electric convector heaters. Asking the Government to not to seek an improved rating should not be the issue. By this petition ; 1. You are in effect asking the Government not to improve the "Perceived improvement " to the housing stock in terms of energy efficiency 2. There will be little support in the House from Labour not to improve the "Lot" of the tenant whose viewpoint will ably be supported by Shelter & Generation Rent. 3. The Government are equally committed to helping the tenant over the Landlord as seen by the support of the removal of Section 21 Notices and its lack of support for Landlords during the pandemic. 4. Band C is just over the mid point of the total banding. Leaving Band E (the 5th lowest banding from 7) as the standard could not be seen as reasonable. You can't legally buy an electrical appliance with an energy efficiency rating of C, 5. The Government in November 21 is hosting the UN Conference on Climate change. Can not see them deferring a measure to delay the reduction of carbon emissions. 6. For existing tenancies, the measures do not take effect until 2028. A potential 7 years away. So worst case scenario, new tenant in 2024 and still another 4 years to implement. Fair notice Perhaps, it would be better to swim with the tide, but on the Landlords terms rather than the Governments.

From: Ray Reddington 08 February 2021 16:45 PM

Ray Reddington

From: Ray Reddington 07 December 2020 16:31 PM

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