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Harley Welch
Harley Welch
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We always get asked not to write about what we can do as braggers rights are of putting people of ourselves to say the least. I slightly disagree people want to now who they are investing their portfolios with and what sort of person and drive they have.
So here is what I cant do, can't Fly, go invisible and cant spell. I'm sure there is much more. I do have some key attributes that help my clients and customers and as a ex army chap they mean everything to me. Loyalty, honesty and hard work. Some say I'm a workaholic they may be correct but only between 8-5 and never on a weekend. So all that hard work during those hours allows me to care and love my family. 100% when out of hours. I started with just one property and at the height has over 1200 units around Yorkshire. I focus on looking after my customers, tenants and landlords alike. All treated with the same no nonsense approach and customer care. I'm not into red tape or politics and say it how it is. I'm not afraid to give bad news and will always present problem issues with solutions. I believe in good people are in all walks of life regardless and treat those how you wish to be treated. Work together, care together and find solutions.

my expertise in the industry

18 Years personally, portfolio owner, Managed thousands of tenancies over the years.
No landlords ever leave our team through dissatisfaction.
No tenant is ever evicted unless they made the eviction happen.
Work with the worst and the best tenants and landlords.
Huge management portfolios
Sales investments, Lettings and Sourcing
over 50 combined years in property management
Over 1200 homes nationally
Nationwide Franchise
Mentoring Landlords and investors
Large personal portfolio.
Love property so much they will bury me in a brick coffin with full GCH and UPVC in a high-demand area near local amenities. :)
Multi award winning Agency

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Harley Welch

From: Harley Welch 05 January 2018 14:46 PM

Harley Welch
So when we look at this issue we fail to see the big picture. Yes, there are some who have abused the fees. Most being from London and surrounding areas. (wait before you scream) But define abuse when the cost is reflected by the wages and running costs request to provide the service in the areas. Shelter of course who are subsidized by the government and charities can tell us to lose the fees. Hmm, who helps us pay the wages? no government or charity pay my staff. The government questions that were put out there, it has asked tenants if they think its fair to have fees, let me ask the desert if it wants water. Everyone wants to save money because of our government cuts. If we look at votes, ahhh more tenants than landlords so of course politics want to appease the public ..more votes. The government has introduced, DPS types, PRS, Larger Court Fees, Bigger Bailiff costs, Licencing, Cut Housing Support and introduced UC annual reporting on payments at our cost. In fact, the government has helped crush the private sector but can't get its own house in order. How about working with landlords and agents. How about creating fair fees. We all have a job to do and we all have to work hard for each penny we earn and we all pay tax on the money we earn. How can the government who get it wrong tell us how to run our businesses? If a customer is not happy then they go somewhere else. If a company is bad then trading standards are there to sort and punish simply. Simply put the idiots never last long anyway and end up in jail. Did you know when the Government instructed councils tell our bad tenants not to leave until evicted... how much UC or Hb is saved and passed onto the private sector. Over the past 10 years the private sector has been hit massively as part of the cost-cutting and you the private landlord and estate agent have lost the most... Not to mention the licensing that never actually works. What the hell do we pay council tax for if we need pay double to the same areas we already paid for and nothing changes! Yet the government still charges us and we who can pay always pay. How about paying police more and clamping down. Give them less paperwork and more people and stomp out crime. How about giving more on Mental Health and help people understand money and reduce homelessness by paying direct. Help people rather than bill bill bill. When the government allocated a slice of the pie to a charity, how much actually makes it to the person its required for ???? There are do-gooders and good doers

From: Harley Welch 05 January 2018 14:34 PM

Harley Welch
This is nothing new, it’s more like it more brought to light yet again. The issue is landlords don't know their rights and don't operate correctly then becomes desperate as the system fails them. Some of those that are illegal evictions will be landlords in desperate need to pay their own mortgages, regardless of opinion or rights, they are desperate to pay their own mortgages and desperate landlords do desperate things. I 100% agree that to illegally evict is wrong and the law should be followed, but when a tenants acts wrong, doesn't pay, creates damage etc then why is that not made criminal too. Why can a tenant damage a property and not get arrested? why can a tenant live for free and make a landlord lose their home or damage their credit rating etc and still go unpunished. Why can we not look at every case simply and with common sense. Have an eviction judge who take the information and deals with it instantly. Make the judge visit the property, (why not we pay £300) see the issues from the tenants and landlords point of view and deal instantly, if it’s a damaging tenant then evict, if its landlord the give him correctional warning and 7 days to fix or pay. Have them judges present to see what is really going on. How many people are living in disrepair, living like animals, living rent free, illegally evicted, we can sort all these issues and may even save lives and prevent people from continuing to abuse the system for months even years. Remember this happens so often there is no reason why there cannot be a specific team that can deal with it, instantly, save agony, save money, save time and most of all save lives. Why don’t we do it ?? After all its common sense. Don’t fix the system, start again simplest.

From: Harley Welch 11 July 2016 09:46 AM

Harley Welch
I'm sure ive wrote about this one, paste it again. It seems that everyone wants to make a claim for everything. Claims should be based on individual cases. Any actions from one agent should not effect others. If a tenants or landlords wish to make a claim or complaint, then go to trading standards, PRS or start a civil case. If the fees are displayed and the fees are agreed then where is the issue, if the tenant or landlord don’t like the cost then don’t accept the service. This will then drive down costs regardless. If you offer a services to both the tenants and landlords and they pay in relation to the services offered how on earth can their be a issue. 247 only charge a set 10%PCM fee to landlords and NO OTHER costs ever and the the admin fee for tenants is £300 and again no further costs to tenants ever and forever. For the tenants we provide a service, an ongoing 24/7 service, payments systems, maintenance systems, viewings, advice and much more and they love it. Why not that is what they all paid for. The issue with today’s society is “its all about money” . We on the other hand have a different view, its people, we at 247 believe we work for the TENANT just as much as we do for the Landlord, 247 ensure good communications, fair responses and standards are met by both parties and by treating our tenants like a customers we gain masses of happy tenants who receive a great service, by having masses of tenants 247 lets homes faster and better for landlords and investors. Its been known a couple of times were we have even fired the landlord for not acting in a Landlord like manor after guidance of-course. 247 are the middle men and smooth communications between both parties, sometimes the method of request needs tweaking to be heard in a better fashion and likewise the response from Landlords needs tweaking so the landlord is seen to be more caring than actual they responded. Again as the middle persons you work to retain tenancies and have longer term tenants. We mange hundreds and hundreds of homes in the UK and people have a choice, pay for a service that they want or walk into the next shop and pay for theirs. Its choice. Let the people decide if they like estate agents or not and vote with their feet. More and more are turning to review sites like ("allagents" dot com) before they take up a service. Let the people decide!

From: Harley Welch 28 June 2016 08:36 AM

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