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Rental stock plummets in past two years says Hamptons

There are now five per cent fewer homes to let now than two years ago, says Countrywide in its rebranded Hamptons...

14 May 2018

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BTL investors who sold last year made an average £86,651 - Countrywide

The average landlord who sold their rental property in 2017 did so for £86,651 more than they paid for it, having...

12 March 2018

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The new lettings market - fewer Millennials, more Generation Z

Countrywide’s latest analysis of the lettings market says millennials are slowly but surely becoming homeowners, giving ground in the rentals sector...

12 February 2018

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Countrywide: number of homes bought for buy to let at nine-year low

Last year saw a significant drop in the number of homes bought by landlords according to data released this morning by...

15 January 2018

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Rental growth up in 2017 with London and Scotland strongest regions

Rental growth across Great Britain picked up in 2017 according to data released today by Countrywide.   Last year rents rose by an...

15 January 2018

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Countrywide says annual rate of rental growth picked up recently

The annual rate of rental growth picked up in November, with the cost of a new let across Great Britain rising...

12 December 2017

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Rental market inflated by 80,000 properties let by 'accidental landlords'

Countrywide says one in every 12 homes that came on to the rental market in 2017 was for sale at some...

11 December 2017

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Countrywide reports big rise in landlords who buy in cash

A record 65 per cent of landlord purchases over the last 12 months were made by cash buyers according to Countrywide. In the...

13 November 2017

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London rents slip back as Midlands and Wales see strongest growth

The annual rate of rental growth slowed between September and October according to Countrywide. The cost of the average new let in...

13 November 2017

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Countrywide reports record exodus of private tenants from London

Countrywide says a record 64,672 tenants left London over the last 12 months with an unusually-high proportion going on to rent elsewhere. Some...

16 October 2017

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Countrywide says landlord numbers down but portfolio sizes are up

The number of landlords has fallen over the last two years despite a rise in supply of homes available to rent,...

11 September 2017

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Rents edging up across Britain according to latest analysis

Average rents for newly-let property across Great Britain rose to £954 per month in August, reflecting a 1.6 per cent annual...

11 September 2017

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Countrywide says falling supply is pushing up rents in many areas

The annual rate of rental growth across Britain doubled between June and July driven by a turnaround in the London market,...

14 August 2017

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Modest 1.1% rise in average rents in past year, says Countrywide

Countrywide says that the average price of a new let in Britain rose by 1.1 per cent year-on-year in June 2017...

18 July 2017

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'Retired tenants spending record sums on rent' - Countrywide

Retired tenants are becoming a larger part of the rental market, according to the UK's largest letting agency. Countrywide reports that pensioners...

12 June 2017

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20% of rental properties now let by companies, says Countrywide

A remarkable one in five properties now being let are operated by a company landlord - and the figure surges to...

18 April 2017

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Countrywide: most landlords now pay cash for buy to lets

Countrywide claims that the proportion of landlords paying in cash for a property reached 61 per cent in January, the highest...

13 February 2017

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London's biggest rent drop for six years caused by 32% stock rise

The average London rent in November was 0.7 per cent lower than last year - not an enormous fall but nonetheless...

12 December 2016

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Countrywide: affordability means spare bedrooms are on the way out

Affordability pressures in the private rental sector mean that far fewer tenants are now renting properties with spare bedrooms according to...

14 November 2016

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Brexit uncertainty helping rental market insists Countrywide

Rents are rising faster in northern cities than those in the south, narrowing the divide between the two halves of the...

17 October 2016

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Countrywide says glut of homes to let is cutting rental growth

Countrywide’s latest lettings index shows rental growth slowing in every region of Britain because of a glut of homes coming to...

15 August 2016

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Countrywide says buy to let purchases now at a six year low

In the three months after the introduction of the three per cent stamp duty surcharge on April 1, landlord purchases accounted...

11 July 2016

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Cost of renting for young people rises across Britain, especially London

The average cost of renting a one-bedroom home in Britain has risen to £746 per month - this is the equivalent...

13 June 2016

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Half of homes sold in late March were for buy to let - Countrywide

Countrywide says £28 billion worth of home sales were completed in March ahead of the stamp duty surcharge deadline, a 76...

11 April 2016

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Average rents now highest-ever at 12% above pre-recession levels

Countrywide says average rents across the UK are now at their highest-ever levels, some 12 per cent above their pre-recession peak.  This...

15 February 2016

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Average home let within 20 days as rent rises go on - Countrywide

Britain's largest letting agency says rents grew by an average of 3.1 per cent in 2015, taking the average monthly rent...

18 January 2016

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Countrywide wants single buy to let licensing system, not current patchwork

Countrywide is calling on the Greater London Assembly to implement a single landlord licensing scheme which individual borough councils can opt...

22 December 2015

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Stamp duty hike equals 11 months' rental income, says Countrywide

The new three per cent stamp duty rate surcharge is the equivalent to 11 months income for the average mortgaged landlord,...

14 December 2015

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Many tenants rent in better areas than they buy in says Countrywide

In an unusual boost for the benefits of the private rental sector, new data suggests tenants routinely rent in more expensive...

13 October 2015

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Countrywide reports record proportion of landlords increasing rents

No fewer than 45 per cent of tenants renewing their tenancies were given rent increases in August, the highest since Countrywide's...

22 September 2015

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'Landlords sell up every 17 years' - Countrywide

UK landlords own their properties for an average of 17 years before selling up, according to Countrywide's latest Lettings Index. This is...

25 August 2015

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